How to apply for Scholarship 2021

What is the application process
  1. Check your eligibility

Take a short quiz to check your eligibility for the scholarship HERE

2. Send Documents & Apply

If you are eligible, upload your documents HERE and send us your application ID with the subject line “CSC Service + Application ID + Full Name” to (the program you are applying for isn’t important and can be changed later). You don’t need to pay the fee.

For the list of universities that accept the Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) applications, click HERE

3. Review Plan, Sign Contract & Pay the Service Fee

We will review your application, documents, and if you are eligible, we will contact you back with a scholarship plan, together with a scholarship application contract. We request an advance payment of $350 USD (non-refundable application fee pre-payment for scholarship application + university application)

Processing Your Application
  1. Prepare Additional Documents

Often you will need to provide additional documents such as a transcript, personal letter, recommendation letter, etc. We will make sure to provide the list of documents needed for your application

2. Submit Application

When we received the documents, we will submit your application to both CSC and the university. Sometimes we will ask you to submit your application to the local embassy in your country by yourself or mail some hard copies directly to the university.

3. Follow-up Regularly

We cooperate with more than 120 universities in China, so we get feedback on your application faster. We will monitor your application at each step of the way and provide constant updates. Usually, the CSC scholarship application results come out at the end of July.

Awarded the Scholarship
1.Receive the Digital Letter

Congratulations! You have received a CSC scholarship that covers full tuition fees for the program, accommodation, insurance and monthly living expenses.

2. Pay the Service Fee

You will need to pay the remaining $440 USD so that we can apply for your visa application form with your scholarship and admissions letter. Visa application form (JW201 or JW202) takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the university and its location.

3. Apply for the visa

The original admissions letter, scholarship letter, and visa application form will be posted to your mailing address in your home country. After receiving the scholarship package, you are asked to apply for your student visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country.

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