China Admissions and SUSTech University announce $1 Million USD Scholarship Fund for Foreign Students in Shenzhen

China Admissions and SUSTech University announce $1 Million USD Scholarship Fund for Foreign Students

The scholarships include full tuition, accommodation, insurance, residence permit, health check and living expenses equaling approximately $36,000 USD per student.

The South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTech) is building a top-tier, world-class, and research-intensive university. Situated in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, SUSTech is a fast rising university in China. You can watch the informational video about SUSTech here:

They are available in the following Bachelor’s Programs in English:

Why Choose Study at SUSTech?

Hong Kong is a famous place in the world and a lot of people, whether travellers, students, or skilled professionals are attracted to this beautiful destination. However, there are many people who don’t know about Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is one of the fastest growing cities. The special administrative region in Shenzhen was the first area in China that opened up to the market economy under the Special Administrative Region. The city also boasts of a large number of innovative companies such as Tencent, DJI, BYD, and Huawei that are located there.

China is an interesting country with a number of places claiming to “China’s Silicon Valley”. Often the name China’s Silicon Valley is given to Zhongguancun, a technology area in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Shenzhen.

China has a rapidly growing technology industry and Shenzhen is world leaders in manufacturing and technology sector.


Shenzhen has a population of over 10 million with less than 30,000 foreigners; therefore, the city is trying to attract more foreign talent towards itself. Shenzhen needs you to help them develop international community. Companies in the city need foreign people to work in their industries so that they can expand their business internationally. Therefore, there’s a lot of opportunity for foreigners in this city.

Students get an amazing opportunity to receive education for free and launch their career in this booming Chinese city. With world-class infrastructure, exciting environment, beautiful surroundings and impressive buildings, you are bound to fall in love with this city.

The weather is also much warmer, clean and green compared to other cities in China.

A video about Shenzhen City

SUSTech University

The campus is very new and has very modern facilities. The faculty are from many countries, and many have international experience teaching in USA, Japan etc., As a very competitive University in China you will also meet lots of very talented Chinese students who have an international outlook.

Please note that the program is competitive and the course requires considerable dedication and commitment. It is important to demonstrate your work ethic in your application process.


China Admissions

China Admissions, was founded by foreign students in 2010, with the goal of helping more foreign students study abroad in China and their dreams come true. We have been appointed as international partner of SUSTech University for foreign student admissions.

Eligible Students

You should have:
– Strong academic record
– High maths and / or Physics results (in the top 5%) is required.
– Fluent English level
– Age 18-25

How To Apply

To apply for admission in SUSTech, fill in all the required section here.

Please make sure to send the following:
– Academic Transcript from School
– Personal Statement explaining why you want to study at SUSTech. Preference will be given to you if you can demonstrate strong worth ethic, interest in the program and subject applying for, and your future plans.
– Support of your high academic level (particularly in Maths and / or Physics)
– Passport, and Passport Size Photo
– Evidence of strong English level (IELTS or TOEFL) if non-native or haven’t studied in English

After filling in the form, China Admissions will check for free that your documents are eligible, and you will then receive a confirmation that your documents have been received and your application is being processed.

Application Process

If you feel you meet the entry requirements please complete the following steps.

  • Submit application documents
  • You will be contacted within 1 week for preliminary review and feedback.
  • Pay the $290 USD application fee to process your application
  • You may then be contacted for an online Skype / video interview or further clarification on academic ability
  • The result will be given around 1-2 months (but may vary)
  • If accepted you will receive your admissions letter and visa form with instructions for your arrival.

Application Deadline

The last date to fill in the applications is May 15th. So make sure you have filled in your applications before the last date. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and there is an advantage in applying earlier.

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