USTB in Beijing Beckons Students from all Parts Of World

The University of Science and Technology Beijing is one of the best universities in China. Founded in 1952, this university is famous for its material science and metallurgy program. Formerly known as Beijing Steel and Iron Institution, USTB was a combination of five former colleges, however, the present name was only adopted after 1988.

The USTB in Beijing consists of 16 schools which are known to teach 48 undergraduate programs, 73 doctoral programs, 121 master programs and 16 postdoctoral programs to students from all over the world. The university prides itself on its academic excellence and meticulous scholarship.

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Brief Summary of Programs

Spread across 5,57,858 square meters, USTB is an institute that has been accepting international students since 1954.

Some programs offered by the university are:

  • Materials Science and Engineering

Material Science and Engineering is a multi-discipline course based on different subjects including Chemistry, Mathematics, computer applied techniques, physic, and mechanism. The duration of the course is 4 years and it is taught in English to make it easy for the international students to understand the program.

  • Environmental Science and Engineering

A 3 years course, the Environmental Science and Engineering aims at cultivating student’s capability to achieve a thorough comprehension on the latest developing trends. It covers environmental planning and management, environmental microbiology, wastewater engineering and more!

  • Information and Telecommunication Engineering

Information and Telecommunication Engineering aims at cultivating students’ mind for the changing trends. It helps the students to emphasize on a solid theoretical foundation. This is a 3 years course taught in English. Some subjects covered under the course include multimedia communication, mobile communications, and optical communication among others.

  • Metallurgical Engineering

Students applying for Metallurgical Engineering needs to be below the age of 45 years, and have a valid master’s degree. Non-Chinese students should possess a valid passport. The course highlights the study of metals. Students undertaking this course are taught about the mining, extraction, and processing of the metals. It also helps the students to learn fundamental engineering principle.

  • Ferrous Metallurgy

Ferrous Metallurgy is a bachelor’s degree offered by the university. The course involves processes and alloys based on iron. The highly qualified professionals of the university give individual attention and support to the students thus making it easier for them to learn and adjust to a new environment.

Reasons to Choose University of Science and Technology Beijing

University of Science and Technology Beijing offers one of the most beneficial experiences of its students. There are plenty of reason to opt for a program in the USTB in Beijing, however, some of the most alluring reasons that attract students from around the globe include:

  •  Amazing Location

The university is located in Beijing which is a beautiful city. The city boasts of panoramic views, lush greenery and more. Being the capital city of China, Beijing is a wealth of history. So if you are a history buff, this place is bound to mesmerize you.

  • Top University

University of Science and Technology Beijing is ranked among top universities in the country. Moreover, every student is treated equally and there is no racial discrimination which is yet another reason to study in this university.

  • More Career Opportunities

China is a growing economy and there are thousands of new jobs opening up every year. Even if you don’t choose to live in china after completing your education, your knowledge about country gives you a chance to work with Chinese entrepreneurs.

  • Affordable Education Fee

A majority of bachelor’s and master courses are competitively priced as compared to other universities around the world. If you want to avail high-quality education at an affordable price, China will help you realize your dream. The university also helps foreign students to get their hands on free books which are a rarity in other institutions.

  • On-Campus Dormitories

On-campus dormitories are another additional advantage that comes along if you choose to study at USTB in Beijing.

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