How to apply to a Chinese language program scholarship in China in 2021

If you are looking for a scholarship to study Chinese then I have good news and bad news. The good news is that there are some scholarships, the bad news is that they are not that easy to find, and apply to, for the Chinese language programs.

About Scholarships in China

China is giving thousands of scholarships each year to international students and many international students are interested in scholarships in China.

There are a lot of opportunities to study in China with a scholarship. You can read more about our general guide and the different types of scholarships here. We have helped thousands of students apply to Chinese universities and we work closely with universities in China.

Ghanaian students in china
Students learning Chinese in China – There are now nearly 500,000 international students studying in China

We are going to start with the hardest to apply to the easiest.

1 Semester or 1 Year Scholarship in Chinese Language

How easy to apply? Quite hard

Many students want to come to study in China for 1 semester or 1 year and to get a scholarship. This is one of the more difficult scholarships to apply for.

To start with, the total tuition for a Chinese language program is usually not too high (around 7,000 RMB (1,000 USD per semester). The real cost to the university is much higher, so these programs are already subsidised to encourage more student to study Chinese.

Most students do study this program on a self-paid basis.

How to apply? You can apply for the CSC Scholarship in 279 universities. You would normally need to apply through the embassy in your home country. The full instructions for that is here.

Degree Program in Chinese with Foundation Program

How easy to apply? Much easier for many students

Sometimes there is a saying “If you think bigger, then things are easier”

If you would like to study a whole degree in Chinese, then it is much easier to get a scholarship to study Chinese. Often you can apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and you can get a full scholarship for the degree, and free 1 or 2 year Chinese foundation program.

This is because China is looking to attract more international students, and they would prefer it if they can speak great Chinese and study in Chinese (instead of English). After all, Chinese is the language of China!

There are 279 universities with such a scholarship to study in Chinese, and the instructions for applying are here.

Beihang University in Beijing – Chinese Universities are modernising and rising up the rankings very fast

Tips to Increase Your Chances with the Scholarship

We have helped lots of students apply for scholarships. The biggest tips we would give to increase your chances for all of these are:

 1) Make sure you apply early!

Often the students who apply earlier have the highest chances of getting accepted

 2) Demonstrate your commitment to China and learning Chinese. 

When you apply, make sure you demonstrate that you are serious about learning Chinese and coming to China which leads to my next point.

 3) Learn Chinese before

Make sure you have some Chinese level before. Taking an HSK exam would increase your chances, and the higher your Chinese level the better – some is better than none. There are some online certificate programs you can take online before coming to China. If you can send that certificate with your application it will greatly improve your chances.

 4) Make sure you prepare your application documents properly.

Often they will receive so many applications for scholarships, and its often quite hard to reply to give feedback if a student hasn’t submitted documents correctly. Make sure you prepare your documents properly when you apply according to the requirements.

If you are not accepted for the scholarship, normally you will not hear back the reason. You only have once chance, so make it count. If you can also go to the embassy with your documents to check in person it can also be an advantage.

We have some more information about how to prepare documents here.

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Apply for Scholarships through China Scholarship Consulting Service!

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Scholarships in China

How Can I Get a Scholarship in China this 2021?

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Search Scholarships

You can search for scholarships for Chinese language here.


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