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1. Entrance Scholarships

International students can apply for the following three types of scholarships:

  • Full Tuition Scholarship: Receive a full scholarship covering RMB 100,000 in tuition fees, accommodation at own expenses.
  • 30% Entrance Scholarship: Benefit from a 30% tuition fee reduction, equivalent to RMB 30,000, accommodation at own expenses.
    Learn more about the scholarship.
  • Government Scholarship: The Education Department of Guangdong Province offers a scholarship of RMB 10,000 for overseas students. Outstanding international students at UIC are eligible to apply. The selection is based on a combination of academic excellence and active participation in community activities. It’s important to note that this particular scholarship is exclusively available to degree-seeking international students and is not open to exchange or visiting students.

Important note: Students who apply earlier have more chances of getting accepted, they are awarded on a first come first serve basis.

2. School Scholarships

If you’re already a full-time student at UIC, there are scholarship opportunities awaiting you. These scholarships are designed to acknowledge outstanding achievements:

  • First Class Award: Students with a Year GPA of >=3.8 in a certain academic year automatically qualify for this scholarship, with no need to apply. Academic Registry office will provide the names of students who meet the requirement.
    The scholarship amounts to RMB 10,000 (1,400 USD) per student.
  • Second Class Award: Students with a Year GPA between 3.6 to 3.79 also qualify without the need for an application. Academic Registry Office will provide the names of students who meet the requirement.
    This scholarship awards RMB 2,000 (280 USD) per student.
  • Prof. Herbert Tsang Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to five students recommended by Academic Divisions, Whole Person Education Office, and Student Affairs Office.
    Each recipient receives HK$ 2,500 (320 USD).
  • CPA Australia Zhuhai Excellence Award: Exclusive to students in the Division of Business Management, this scholarship requires contacting the Division Officer for further details.

Please note that the criteria for these scholarships may vary from year to year, please check a webpage for the latest updates.

3. Diverse Scholarships for Outstanding Students

At UIC, dedication and excellence are not only celebrated but also rewarded. The institution offers a diverse range of scholarships to recognize and support outstanding students. In 2021, UIC awarded over 18 million yuan in scholarships to 2,170 recipients, demonstrating its commitment to nurturing talent.

Generous alumni donations further strengthen the bond between the college and its graduates.

At UIC, you’ll also find scholarships available for achievements such as the President’s Honour Award, Dean’s Award, and Excellent Graduate Award.

Additionally, students may also be eligible for Admission Scholarships, Renewals of Admissions Scholarships, Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarships, and more.

Prof Tang presents the Mr. Fung Sun Kwan Scholarship of Excellence.

Tuition and Expenses at UIC

  • Tuition Fee: RMB¥ 100,000 per annum (Please note: The Musical Arts Programme has a tuition fee of RMB¥ 120,000 per annum).
  • Accommodation Fee:
    • RMB¥ 6,400 per annum (for a 9-month period) for each person in a 2-bed room.
    • RMB¥ 4,000 per annum (for a 9-month period) for each person in a 3-bed room.
  • Insurance Fee: RMB¥ 600 per annum (based on the 2018 standard).
  • Monthly Estimated Expenses: On average, students can expect to spend approximately RMB¥ 1,800 to RMB¥ 3,000 per month. This estimate includes costs for meals, transportation, entertainment, and miscellaneous expenses.

About United International College

At UIC, students can explore Chinese culture while studying. UIC, China’s first liberal arts college founded in 2005, hosts 9,000+ students and staff from 30+ countries. English is the official language. Located in Zhuhai, near Macau and Hong Kong, the campus offers scenic coastal and mountain surroundings.

UIC emphasizes international partnerships, collaborating with institutions worldwide to facilitate exchange programs and summer courses.

Learn more about UIC

Interested in learning more about the programs or applying to United International College (UIC)? You can learn more about the programs through the links below, or book a call with us here.

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