Can international students work in China?

In many countries there are very strict rules about whether international students can work whilst studying. For example students in Australia can work 40 hours per fortnight during semester and full time during the holidays.

Can international students work in China whilst studying? This is one of the most common question that students ask when they are considering studying in China. The purpose of education and further study in China is to find a job and a place in the job market, so it is understandable that this is important for students.

In July 2013 a new law came into effect

Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China (Adopted at the 27th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People’s Congress on June 30, 2012)

The English translation of this law can be seen here.

Basically, if you are planning to work in China then it is acceptable as long as you get permission from your University and following the process.

According to an article by People’s daily in 2014, “Last year the government updated the current visa system and introduced some changes to the application process for a residence permit. For the first time, foreigners holding study residence permits were permitted to take part-time jobs or internships outside the campus as long as they obtain approval from their academic institutions and the entry and exit administrative authorities,” the report says.

Working can be a great way to get additional experience and enhance your employability or find opportunities for after you graduate. It is your responsibility to check and ensure that you comply with all the latest requirements and updates as they can happen frequently.

There are a number of ways to find opportunities in your industry. Since China is a booming economy, many students find opportunities presenting themselves in a way that doesn’t happen in their home country. For example, international students at Central Academy of Drama are often scouted for roles in Chinese movies. Students at Beijing Language and Culture University are often asked to provide support for international companies who are localising their content etc. There is a lot of demand for English teachers in China, so if you are a native English speaker, you may find opportunities teaching English or tutoring one on one.

You can search for opportunities online by looking at adverts in University cafes, or through websites such as if you are in Beijing, you can also attend networking events. Another way is to ask your University professors, because they will have industry links and can help to make an introduction. You can also try contacting companies yourself.

If you can speak Chinese this can greatly enhance your attractiveness for opportunities. So if you are planning to be in China for a while, it is a good idea to focus on learning Chinese at the start, and then you can put your Chinese skills to use in a practical setting later.

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Sanduni amarakoon
4 years ago

I’m Sri Lankan. I’m planning ton go to China on a scholarship next year. Can I find a part time job while I’m there studying ?

2 years ago

did you go to china and can you work now?

Need an answer
3 years ago

What happens If someone has Chinese government scholarship? The one could work or not? Thank you.

Mohammad tarequl Islam
3 years ago

Good Day, I achieved MOFCOM scholarship this year in HUST. My question is my dependent that means my wife can work in Wuhan, China ?

Sajid Mehdi
3 years ago

how much can i earn in china by doing part time job or this can be done without getting permission , i mean i can do jobs like waiter , hotel assistants and in bars.

Tambobe Abel jong
3 years ago

It will be nice coming to China but is it easy for an international student from Africa to do so?

3 years ago

Can it is posible to study in china by dowing a part-time job in chinaand fulfil dailly needs and fee of collage.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sushil

maybe daily needs but hard for tuition unless you do some business yourself like ecommerce or anything that you are passion about you are good at and bring value to people. There are many ways . Ask yourself what are the ten ways to earn a living and tuition fee in China and search answer for that go to website like jingjobs and the beijinger and ask your Chinese friend to search jobs opportunity on and there are also so many part-time jobs in app jianzhimao but there are more low paid part-time in this app. Go to events on meetup . Meet people and ask them.

kannan krishnan
3 years ago

right now i am in chongqing and pursuing my medical degree (M.B.B.S).
and i am planning to work as a english teacher . so is it possible to do so ???
plz help

Ismail Abdul-Karim
3 years ago

Please I to know,can i get a part-time job so that I can pay for my university fee.Coz i really wanna study in China.

3 years ago

is there rule to come china in working visa and they can study after some time of china worked?

3 years ago

can I do any part time job in china.and it’s possible to pay my living costs in china……

Noyan Asif
3 years ago

I’m from pakistan i want to study in china can i get job in china to pay my tution fee and fulfil my needs plz rply me

ayesha Akter
2 years ago

I am from Bangladesh , I will start MBA at Taiyuan University september2018. Can I get job part time for fulfil my needs pls.

Gerrit Rosam
2 years ago
Reply to  ayesha Akter

Hi Ayesha,

it is not very hard to find some jobs that will help you finance your studies, in fact many foreign students do this. In order to legally work while on a study visa you will need the university’s permission.

A good piece of advice is to get in touch with different foreign students, there is always someone who has some small job on the side that you can ask for advice on how to find a job

2 years ago
Reply to  ayesha Akter

I am also going to Taiyuan University, Can you get back to me?

Yeabsira Mesfin
2 years ago

Hello my name is Yeabsira and I’m from Ethiopia. I got accepted in jiangxi university of engineering for October intake. English is my second language. Would that be a problem for me to find a part time job?

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