PhD Application Service

Our PhD application service is designed for you if you want to apply for a PhD in China and would like extra service and assistance to increase your chances of being accepted.

The process for applying for a PhD is normally different than applying direct for undergraduate or master’s programs. The first step is to find a supervisor, once you have been accepted by a supervisor we then need to submit your application to the University. For some Universities it can be difficult to find a suitable supervisor with sufficient English level.

With our PhD service we will help you to find suitable supervisors, and then help give advice to communicate with your potential supervisor and receive the letter of acceptance. We will review your draft proposals and give feedback. Once you have been accepted by the supervisor we will then submit it to the University.

Our PhD Application Service is $290 USD, which doesn’t include the cost of the application fees. To use our PhD Application Service please contact us and send us your application documents for a free consultation so we can review and give you advice on your options.

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