China Admissions 10 Most Popular Articles Of 2020

What an interesting year 2020 was.

As we all faced COVID-19 last year, it’s no surprise that some of our top stories are within this theme. But you’d be surprised to know that more than half of our most popular articles are unrelated to the pandemic.

Here are the most-read stories published by China Admissions that resonated with readers in 2020.

10. Top 10 Ranked Chinese Universities

Along with strengthening its economy, China has made big strides to boost the standard of higher education in the country. But with over 2,900 universities, how does one choose?

The number one university in China also has one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. Do you know this Chinese university?

9. Study MBBS in China – Admissions for 2021 Now Open!

China offers the most competitive and best value English-medium MBBS programs in the world. Learn how to enroll and check out top MBBS schools, curriculum, tuition fee and requirements.

8. Top Medical Schools in China

Enroll in top medical schools in China offering competitive English-taught MBBS programs with low tuition fee, excellent medical facilities, scholarships and the best clinical internships.

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is one of the top MBBS schools in China. It is the only school that offers the MBBS program for 5 years. 

7. How hard is it to get into Tsinghua or Peking University as a Foreigner?

Tsinghua and Peking University are world-class universities popular to international students. Which university is harder to enter? It might depend on the applicant and the program.

6. 45 Approved Medical Schools in China offering MBBS in English – List

Check out the only 45 universities in China are qualified to teach MBBS degrees in English and are authorized to admit foreign students according to the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE).

As one of the centers of research and science in China, Wuhan University School of Medicine is one of the most well-known medical schools offering MBBS program for international students.

5. NEW BLCU Online Chinese Classes HSK 1 – 4

Beijing Language and Culture University launched an online HSK 1– 4 group Chinese class (5 to 9 students) lasting 12 weeks. Learn Chinese from BLCU expert teachers for only 168 USD/student.

4. Scholarships to Study in China for International Students

China is one of the most generous countries providing numerous scholarships to international students. Read this complete guide and be part of over 50,000 foreign students with scholarships.

Watch the video to know how you can apply for a scholarship in China this 2021.

3. What Will Happen to the 2021 Intake In Chinese Universities?

In late 2020, life in China has slowly returned to normal but international students are still not allowed to return to China. Get answers on frequently asked questions by students in this article.

2. 30 Fun Facts About China – #8 Will Impress You

China is one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world. For this reason, it makes up a long list of interesting facts that could on and on, and that many people don’t know about.

The Bailong Elevator in Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie, China can carry visitors up to 300 meters high on a cliff’s edge. This elevator is the world’s heaviest and highest outdoor elevator.

1. Notice to International Students Not Allowed to Return to China

As COVID-19 spread throughout the world in early 2020, China Admissions immediately gave an update to students on university notices, travel advisories and further instructions.

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