Notice to International Students Not Allowed to Return to China

9th March 2020.

Dear Students,

While the situation in China is improving (See positive news here.).

Due to the increase in coronavirus cases around the world. International students are not allowed to return to China until further notice.

If you are enrolled in a Chinese University already, please wait for the update from your university and do not return to China, otherwise you may be subject to your study / scholarship cancellation and other penalties. Please follow your advice from the university directly.

Below is a sample letter from Beihang University, and every other university has shared the same policy. See thebeijinger here.

As from thebeijinger article, Tsinghua University’s statement, released Mar 7 as a comprehensive Q&A via their official WeChat account, outlines how “Due to the fact that the COVID-19 epidemic still in an uncertain stage, it is impossible for the university to provide an estimated university open date at this point. The delaying of the university open date and the eventual decision of the new semester start date will be made in accordance with requirements by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Government.”

The notice goes on to say that “Tsinghua University international students found to have returned to Beijing without prior approval will face serious disciplinary action by the University which may affect their studies,” adding students must inform the university of their whereabouts should they move to a different city or country. Additionally, those currently on campus must apply in advance to exit and enter the campus and any students who exit or enter the campus without prior approval will be subject to “serious disciplinary action.”

If you are not sure about the situation, please contact your university.

While the cases in China have decreased, we are expecting the situation to improve before the summer.

If you are a new student, you can apply for September 2020 intake here.

International students can also choose to study Online
Online Chinese Group Classes – HSK 1 – 6
Online Business Program

Thank you

Founder and CEO at China Admissions. Originally from UK🇬🇧, based in Beijing. Studied at Peking University & BLCU. Preparing for HSK 6. Hope we can help more talented international students have the same amazing experiences and opportunities that I have had
Richard Coward

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