Tips from an Astronaut on Self Isolation and 3 Productive Ways to Spend Your Newfound Time (COVID-19)

“I’m stuck inside.”

Is this how you’re feeling? You’re not alone. As dismal as the world may seem right now, staying at home is the least we can do to help our front-liners who are risking their lives to fight the novel coronavirus.

If you’re reading this article, feeling bored right now, there’s actually a silver lining to staying at home. It’s the perfect time to slow down, refocus and invest in yourself!

Here is some excellent advice from Chris Hadfield. He is a famous Astronaut from NASA and has spent a lot of time in self isolation in space.

Doing productive activities every day can lead to a more positive mindset. Not to mention, you can learn a thing or two while wearing your pajamas in bed. You don’t have to feel trapped any longer, here are 3 productive ways to spend your newfound time!

In fact, right now might be an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time to learn some new skills and grow!

3 Productive Ways to Spend Your Newfound Time

1. Join FREE online information sessions!

Sure, staying in bed all day or watching your favorite series on Netflix all day sounds fun, but you know what’s even better? Gaining new knowledge and learning new information that might be helpful in your daily life or in the future!

In collaboration with our partner universities, China Admissions has a whole host of FREE online info sessions lined up for the coming days and weeks. You can register for the following upcoming online sessions:

You can see lots of cool info sessions coming up here.

  • China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) MBA Student Sharing Webinar – Expats in China on Wednesday, 8th April at 7 PM – Register here
  • Beijing Foreign Studies University-International Business School Online Lecture About the Chinese Economy on Saturday, 11th April at 3 PM – Register here
2. Study Chinese online at affordable rates. 

How does being bilingual sound? If you’ve always wanted to learn a second language, choosing to study Chinese is a wise choice.

There are over 1.4 billion Chinese citizens scattered across the globe. With this vast number, it means Chinese is one of the most widely used languages in the world next to English. In fact, if you know Chinese, you can effectively communicate with a fifth of the world’s population.

The Chinese language has also become a powerful tool in business with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, going as far as learning the language.

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is an outstanding language school in China that offers excellent one-on-one and group Chinese online classes. Below are programs that you can enroll in:

Here’s a sample class of BLCU’s online Chinese class:


3. Read interesting articles at China Admissions. 

Whether you’re considering China as a study abroad destination or you simply want to know more about Chinese culture, China Admissions has hundreds of interesting articles about everything China that you can read. Be sure to visit our blog – enjoy reading!

I recently participated in BLCU’s free online Chinese trial class and it was so much fun! I even detailed my experience here, and some Chinese words that I learned.

Native Chinese teacher Angela Chen of BLCU is hosting another free trial class on Thursday, 2nd April with two time slots at 9 a.m. or 8 p.m.

Be sure to join or tell your friends about it. You can register via China Admissions. It’s completely free!

Just because we are apart physically, it doesn’t mean we can’t get together online, and keep learning and growing together!


Content crafter at China Admissions with nine years of professional writing experience. Fil-Chinese who honors my heritage every day. On a fascinating journey exploring China and tracing my ancestry. See China through my lens.
Christine Chiu

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