An Honest Review of BLCU’s Online Chinese Class + Join a Free Trial Class!

Here’s the thing, I’m half Chinese, but I can’t speak a word of Chinese.

I grew up in a very traditional Chinese household. From food to music, my dad and mom loved everything about their heritage. To this day, it puzzles me why I did not learn the language.

Four years ago, I discovered a love for Chinese dramas. Thanks to English subtitles, I can binge-watch for hours on end. But I often wondered how it would be like to watch without peeking at the subtitle, how awesome would that be?

To cut the long story short, I joined Beijing Language and Culture University’s (BLCU) free online Chinese trial class. Read about my experience and what I learned, plus get a free trial yourself!

My BLCU Online Chinese Experience


The BLCU online Chinese trial class with Angela Chen was straightforward and very easy to understand. Angela is a native Chinese teacher, but she also speaks excellent English. These are the things I loved about the trial class:

  • lessons are highly organized, and the presentation is very clear;
  • each topic is taught with the right pacing and;
  • starts with the easiest words until you get to integrate them into full-on phrases/sentences.

The free trial class was divided into four parts. At the end of every part, the teacher will have a very quick and short test where you will repeat words and fill in a few blanks. This will test your understanding of word usage and pronunciation. After we completed the session, there was also a recap of the things we learned.

BLCU is hosting another free trial class on Thursday, 2nd April. You can choose from two time slots, 9 a.m. or 8 p.m. Learn more about it here or directly register below.

How to Greet Someone in Chinese

During the free trial, we were taught how to greet someone. Below are some of the things that I learned during the 40-minute session.

Part 1: Common Greetings

你 Nǐ

您 Nín
A polite expression of Nǐ

你好 Nĭ hăo
Appropriate greeting for friends or those who are younger than you.

您好 Nín hăo
Good day
A more formal greeting for elders.

先生 Xiānsheng
Mr., Sir, Man

小姐 Xiăojiĕ

女士 Nǚshì
Miss, Madam, Lady

In Chinese, if you are greeting many people, you add the plural suffix 们 (men). The word men is the plural marker for pronouns and a few animate nouns.

我们 Wǒmen
We, us, ourselves

你们 Nĭmen
You, 2nd person plural

他们 Tāmen

女士们 Nǚshìmen Ladies

女士们 Nǚshìmen

先生们 Xiānshēngmen

朋友们 Péngyoumen

你們好 Nĭmén hăo
Hello (everyone)


女士们, 先生们 你們好 Nǚshìmen, xiānshēngmen nĭmén hăo
Hello, ladies and gentlemen

女士们, 先生们 你們好 Nǚshìmen, xiānshēngmen nĭmén hăo is usually used in speeches.
Part 2: Greetings to old friends

好久不见! Hao jiu bu jian!
Long time no see!

你最近怎么样? Nǐ zuì jìn zěn me yàng?
How are you recently?

你最近在做什么? Nǐ zuìjìn zài zuò shénme?
What have you been working on lately?

Part 3: Greetings for formal occasions

幸会 Xìnghuì
Nice to meet you.

名片 Míngpiàn
Business card

久仰 Jiǔ yǎng
I’ve long looked forward to meeting you or
It’s an honor to meet you at last.

Part 4: Daily greetings (informal)

These are some ways that you can use to say hello/hey depending on the situation. You don’t necessarily have to expect a specific answer if you say these words/phrases.

去运动? Qù yùndòng? Going to exercise?

去运动? Qù yùndòng?
Going to exercise?

你吃了吗? Nǐ chī le ma?
Have you had dinner already?

你放学啦? Nǐ fàngxué la?
After school?

你刚回来? Nǐ gāng huílái?
You just came back?

BLCU’s Online Chinese Programs

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) offers two types of online Chinese classes: one-on-one and group classes.

1 on 1

The 1 on 1 Chinese class at BLCU can take you from 0 to HSK 6 fluency within 41 weeks at 12 hours per week. The classes are personalized and offered in a one-on-one format online.

The price calculates at around 150 RMB per class. You can buy a 30 class package for 4500 RMB (Around 650 USD). The more classes you order, the lower the price, and each time you order more the price is also reduced. You can choose to take in installments or order the full HSK 6 in one go for a discount. Apply for the 1 on 1 Chinese class at BLCU here.

Due to the current situation for every 30 classes you order you can get 2 free classes.

Study Chinese in BLCU
BLCU campus
HSK Group Classes

BLCU recently launched online group classes for different types of learners. These are from HSK 1 – 4 level and taken over 12-week modules. You will receive classes together with 5 to 9 other students in a group with the guidance of BLCU expert teachers. The cost of each 12-week module is only $144 USD which is $12 USD per week.

This program has a lot of advantages, its fun to learn together with other students, and the price is also extremely affordable.

Due to the current coronavirus situation, the price is very low right now, and you are able to buy 6 months, 1 year or 2 years of classes at this price.

If you are starting at 0 you can get to at least HSK 4 by taking this class of only 3-5 hours of study per week.

Check out a sample class below or apply for BLCU’s group class here.

About Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

Most Popular Buzzwords and Phrases in China

Beijing Language and Culture University is China’s No.1 Chinese Learning University for Foreigners. Based in Beijing BLCU teaches thousands of international students each year.

As an international university, BLCU’s vision for the past 40 years has been to “popularize Chinese language and promote Chinese culture.” BLCU also undertakes the tasks of teaching foreign languages, computer science, and technology, finance, and accountancy to Chinese students.

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