New Online Chinese HSK Program with TICC

The coronavirus outbreak should not be the reason to stop learning Chinese. Instead, you have to tackle this obstacle and find ways to keep learning.
The good news is, TICC (Tianjin International Culture College) has established Online Chinese (HSK) Class at a very affordable price (about USD $3.5 per class).

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Why Join the Online Chinese Class with TICC?

There are several reasons why you should be joining Online Chinese Class taught by TICC. The current epidemic situation shall not hinder you from mastering Chinese language skills.

  1. Easy – just sign up to the 1 month, 1 or 2 hours per day, and see your Chinese level accelerate rapidly!
  2. Affordable – sign up to 1 months of classes and take classes for as low as 25 RMB ($3.5USD) per class!
  3. Fun – Group Classes – join a community of other learners and make friends!
  4. Receive a Certificate – receive a certificate from TICC which you can use to give your employer or apply for scholarships

You can choose to take classes according to your HSK level, and sign up for 1 month at very affordable price. The classes are  professional teachers with years of solid experience.

The classes are Challenging – study projects to improve your Chinese class and all students are encouraged to practice speaking during the Online class. They also have a an outstanding Passing Rate – overall passing rate for HSK 4 and 5 are 100% and 98% respectively. It is also flexible – easy access to classes wherever you are because it is an Online class.

Testimonials from Students

Many foreign students have benefited from taking Online Chinese Course with TICC. Read their testimonials below.



Next Intake + Tuition Fees

The next session will be from Monday, February 24th, 2020 to Friday, March 20th, 2020 (4-weeks).

Schedule: 1 hour-class every Monday to Friday for 4 weeks (HSK 1-3 Regular Course).

2 hours-class every Monday to Friday for 4 weeks (HSK 4-6 Regular Course).

The tuition fee is based on your Chinese level and class:

HSK 1 Regular Course = 499 RMB/session (20 classes)
HSK 2 Regular Course = 499 RMB/session (20 classes)
HSK 3 Regular Course = 499 RMB/session (20 classes)

HSK 4 Regular Course = 999 RMB/session (40 classes)
HSK 5 Regular Course = 1,199 RMB/session (40 classes)
HSK 6 Regular Course = 1,499 RMB/session (40 classes)

The timetable of the course (in China Standard Time/GMT+8):

Want to write and speak Chinese? Apply for a Group Online Chinese Program with TICC and improve your Chinese language skills!

Ready to register or attend a trial class? Sign up here.