Choose from 6 Study Options Offered by the Online Chinese Program at the Chinese Language Institute

Do you want to learn Chinese, but you don’t have time to attend classes in a language school/university? The online Chinese program at the Chinese Language Institute (CLI) is the perfect program for you!

CLI’s online program provides you the flexibility to choose your own schedule so you can learn Chinese at your most convenient time.

With the guidance of competent native Chinese teachers, you are encouraged to actively participate in crafting your study plan. At CLI, you can relay your needs freely and study Chinese at your own pace – no pressure!

But the best thing about the program is that it offers 6 different study options at an affordable rate. Know more about CLI’s unique online Chinese program here!

Best Features of the Online Chinese Program at CLI

CLI’s online Chinese lessons bring the classroom directly to you, allowing you to seamlessly continue your school or work commitments while learning Chinese.

All you need is a reliable Internet connection and a video instant messenger ID (such as Skype, Google Hangout, or any other software of your choice).

  • Scheduling flexibility – set up your weekly classes based on your personal scheduling availability. Classes are offered seven days per week.
  • One-on-one tutoring – enjoy one-on-one live instruction with a highly qualified, carefully selected CLI Mandarin teacher.
  • Quality Chinese lessons – online lessons are held to the same high standards as classes taught at the CLI Center in Guilin.
  • Individualized lessons – ensures that your language level, learning pace and style, and personal requests are all carefully assessed to tailor-make a Mandarin class that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Study Options

Choose from any of these study options, based on your interest or learning pace!

1. Comprehensive Chinese

CLI’s online Comprehensive Chinese course covers a wide range of topics, focusing on the core concepts of reading, writing, speaking, and listening required for well-rounded proficiency in Mandarin Chinese.

2. Business Chinese

CLI’s online Business Chinese course is constructed primarily for individuals conducting business in China, as well as those pursuing a future career in international business.

3. Spoken Chinese

CLI’s online Spoken Chinese course is designed for learners who have limited opportunity to regularly practice their Chinese with native speakers, as well as those whose spoken ability lags behind their reading and writing skills.

4. Chinese Culture and History

CLI’s online Chinese Culture and History course focuses on Chinese history, customs, and traditions, and the modern Chinese worldview. This course was created as an opportunity for students to learn more about China’s rich heritage.

5. Chinese for Kids

CLI is proud to offer online Mandarin classes for children aged 4 to 11. Through exciting games, imaginative stories, rhymes and songs, and pictorial aides, children will benefit from a high level of exposure to Chinese culture and enjoy the educational benefits of language immersion.

6. Chinese for Teens

At CLI’s online Chinese program, there’s something for every age group. This study option is specifically designed for teenagers who want to learn Chinese online while they continue with their studies.

Start Date and Fees

CLI’s online students purchase a set number of class hours upfront, and time is deducted from this total with each passing lesson. Reduced tuition rates are awarded to students who purchase 30 or more class hours at a time. CLI provides discounts for bulk purchases:

  • 1–29 hours: 20 USD/hr
  • 30–49 hours: 18 USD/hr
  • 50–99 hours: 17 USD/hr
  • 100+ hours: 16 USD/hr

You can start your online Chinese lessons at any time of the year.

About the Chinese Language Institute (CLI)

Founded in 2009 by brothers Robert and Bradford Fried, CLI aims to provide students a unique path to learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture. With a combined 20 years of experience in China, Robert and Bradford developed an individualized educational platform that will help students learn the Chinese language fast.

CLI is home to a community of local and international educators. The institute is grounded by values of trust, openness, and putting students first. Educators at CLI are passionate about sharing the Chinese language and culture. CLI provides a welcoming and warm environment for students, ensuring that you have the best possible learning experience.

Learn more about CLI here.

Search for CLI programs or contact China Admissions to apply for the Online Chinese program. Our trained student counselors are ready to give you a hand, from document preparation to your arrival in China.

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