Learn Chinese at the Chinese Language Institute (CLI) in Guilin, China

Chinese is one of the most dominant languages in the world. Knowing how to speak the language opens more than 1 billion doors of communication.

Chinese has also become a strong cultural force in the 21st century, especially as a powerful tool in business and trade. Learning Chinese can undoubtedly change your life and give you an advantage.

One of the best places to learn Chinese in China is at the Chinese Language Institute (CLI) in Guilin. CLI values every student’s learning speed so they offer personally crafted lessons, one-on-one training, and local interaction.

Know more about CLI in this article!

What is the Chinese Language Institute (CLI)?

CLI is a China-based center for Chinese language and cultural studies. The school offers highly effective intensive Chinese language programs in Guilin, study abroad opportunities at Guangxi Normal University (GXNU), expert-led China Seminars throughout China, and one-on-one Chinese lessons online for students anywhere in the world.

CLI has taught Chinese to students from more than 35 countries and 200 universities from around the world. This includes students from Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Oxford. The school has also hosted a roster of program participants such as government diplomats and Peace Corps China volunteers.

Brothers, Robert and Bradford Fried founded CLI in 2009. With their combined 20 plus years of experience in China, the brothers developed a customised path to learning the Chinese language the easy way.


Where is CLI located?

CLI is located in the beautiful southern city of Guilin, China. Guilin is located in South China’s Guangxi Region, in close proximity to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. CLI is located within convenient walking distance of their university affiliate, GXNU.

With its peaceful countryside, majestic rural scenery, rich culture and ethnic population, Guilin is a highly visited tourist destination in China. Compared to other Chinese cities, Guilin is less populated and buildings are limited to 20 floors high. This enables you to see the beautiful view.

Guilin has a relaxed atmosphere, and life in the city is slower-paced than China’s largest cities. Local residents are friendly and engaging and local cuisine is excellent. Guilin is a conducive place for learning Chinese where students can take advantage of everything that China has to offer.

A Look at CLI’s Learning Center

In 2011, CLI completed its 5-story Guilin learning center. It features 18 classrooms, a spacious recreation room, kitchen and dining area, teachers’ lounge, and three floors of private accommodations.

Student Life at CLI

Every week, CLI offers a variety of cultural activities to acquaint students with Chinese pastimes, customs, and traditions. Here’s an insight into a typical week at the Chinese Language Institute.

On Tuesday, CLI teachers and students come together to learn about a featured aspect of the modern Chinese lifestyle – playing Chinese chess, participating in a calligraphy class, holding a ping pong tournament, or watching a Chinese movie on its large projector screen, for example.

On Wednesday, students, local friends, and teachers participate in cultural exchange seminars, providing a learning opportunity for participants to express their impressions of Chinese and Western ways of life.

On Thursday, CLI offers a Chinese history class, taught by a local professor; and on Fridays, students, and teachers learn about Chinese cuisine by holding cooking classes or visiting a local specialty restaurant.

In addition to an array of weekly cultural activities, CLI also provides home-cooked lunches and dinners throughout the study week.  Students can enjoy common dishes from Sichuan, northern, and local southern specialties, including meat-free options.

If you want to have an unforgettable study abroad experience, learn Chinese the easy way or gain tools that can help you succeed in China, CLI is the best school for you.

Study at CLI and experience the warm welcome of a diverse and dynamic community of teachers and students.

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