Top 3 MBA Programs in Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a well known global study destination and for good reason.

Here we look at why Hong Kong is the best city to do an MBA in Asia, and the the top 3 MBA Programs in Hong Kong.

Why Study in Hong Kong? 

1) Location

Did you know that there are more people living in this circle than outside?

The centre of economic gravity is moving and Hong Kong is right in the centre of it. Asia is also one of the fastest growing regions in the world and this brings enormous career opportunities.

The fantastic transport links as a global hub means that you can easily travel to surrounding destinations such as Mainland China, Singapore, or even local beaches and many other beautiful, interesting and dynamic locations.

2) Global City: East and West

Hong Kong has one of the most international populations in the region. Wherever you are from you will find people from and and communities from all over the world.

The official language is Chinese and English so it can be a lot easier to get around and live than in other cities. If you haven’t spent much time in Asia, this can be a great starting point to launch your career.

With its open international market, Hong Kong is a leading financial hub in the world.

Hong Kong Has Everything

Hong Kong really does have everything. From Skyscrapers to beaches, and mountains. Universities have beautiful city campuses and more spacious campuses.

You can also find opportunities to mountain climb or hiking or enjoy Hong Kong’s diverse sports.

You will find the most amazing food in Hong Kong. Local food is delicious and there are lots of options, and you can find restaurants with great food from all over the world.

Have a look at more great things on Timeout Hong Kong here.

3) World Class Universities

Hong Kong is also home to some of the best universities in the world and 3 of these are consistently ranked in the top 50 in the world with some of their programs being in the top 10 for different subjects.

Top 3 MBA Programs in Hong Kong

Here are 3 of the top MBA programs in Hong Kong. In terms of the ranking and reputation, they are all leading MBA programs internationally and consistently ranked in the top 20-30 worldwide. The exact ranking might vary according to who is doing the ranking, their exact methodology and year by year.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

HKUST strength is as in engineering and technology, and technology is becoming more and more important in business. The program utilizes these strengths throughout the course.

Located overlooking the beautiful clearwater bay HKUST has a very peaceful and relaxing campus while also full of energy and ambition.

The program is 16 months (with 12 months accelerated track), and you can choose a number of exchange programs.

The HKUST Full-time MBA Program tuition fee is $585,000 HKD, there are scholarships available. Part-time MBA Program tuition fee is HKD 450,000.  

Hong Kong University

The full-time MBA is an intensive 1-year programme. It is located in the center of Hong Kong. You can choose one of three tracks:  London track, New York track and Hong Kong/China track where you can study in London Business School, Columbia Business School, or Fudan University in Shanghai after completing the core courses. HKU MBA emphasizes their small class size along with the diversity of profiles, personalised career services for full-time MBA students, and regional perspective in Asia with strong China focus as the core strengths of the programme.

The HKU MBA Program tuition fee is $588,000 HKD.

Chinese University of Hong Kong

The CUHK Business School is also one of the strongest MBA’s in Hong Kong. Students can choose an Entrepreneurship and Innovation, General MBA, or Finance and Technology concentration.

The campus is located on the hillside in central Hong Kong. You can see a view of their campus here.

The CUHK MBA Program tuition fee is $560,000 HKD

MBA Rankings

You will probably not choose to move to a new city based on how that city is ranked, and the same should be for universities and MBA programs.

While the rankings are all quite similar, it is important to understand their culture, advantages and strengths and which is the right one for you and it is likely to be highly individual.

The only really good way to work out clearly what is it you are hoping to get from the program, and what your future plans are, and then look at which is a better fit for you.

It is important to join their online events, speak to their admissions team and ask to speak to some alumni or ambassadors which can also be helpful and give you ideas to strengthen your application.

China Admissions can also give some free advice in choosing universities and programs and can help to put you in contact with students and admissions teams.

Questions about Hong Kong

Are there scholarships?

Yes there are scholarships at each of those universities and also loan options. You can ask in more detail when you apply for the program. We also have an article about funding an MBA in China here.

Is it safe to study in Hong Kong? 

Yes Hong Kong is a safe city to study as an international student. In terms of the COVID-19 the city has dealt with it quite with a minimum number of cases compared to other global cities. The city has a low crime rate compared to other international cities. The city is seeking to attract more international students. There are students choosing study and build their career in Hong Kong. Read this article about Oliver who moved from Shanghai after studying at CEIBS to Hong Kong to build his career in finance.

Can international students go to Hong Kong now? 

Yes Hong Kong is open to international students and most of the universities are doing in person classes as of September 2020.

Do you need GMAT? 

Universities can accept GMAT or GRE, or their own entrance test. If you are applying to multiple universities it is a better idea to take GMAT or GRE so you don’t have to keep taking multiple tests. We have more info about that here and how to choose GMAT vs GRE from a GMAT/GRE instructor.

MBA in Hong Kong Vs Mainland China

Many students are considering between studying in Hong Kong or Mainland China. While all the programs in Hong Kong can allow you to study 1 semester in Mainland China, you can have the best of both.

Also have a look at our article about MBA programs in mainland China here.

Learn More

If you are interested to learn more you can read about the programs and apply online here.

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