Applying For MBA in China Without GMAT

Do you need a GMAT test to apply to an MBA in China? Many Chinese MBAs accept GMAT test scores in your application, but the GRE is a viable alternative if you cannot take the GMAT. Learn more about these two tests here: 

What Is GMAT? 


GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an important part of the business school application process. The GMAT Test is a multi-choice, computerized and computer adaptive standardized exam that is often used for admission to graduate business programs (MBA) globally. 

In order to measure the academic work and preparedness of a graduate-level student, GMAC developed GMAT which is used by many business schools. Apart from the GMAT scores, business schools test your readiness for the MBA program by considering other factors such as work experience, academic transcripts and other academic records that may show them how read you are for the program. In most cases, a high GMAT will most likely get you admitted to an MBA program. 

The GMAT is an exam that tests the skills you acquired during your undergraduate degree. One of the things tested is your critical thinking skills. Can you analyze a situation and reason on it? Other things that are measured include analysis of data, grammar, algebra and basic arithmetic.Your problem-solving skills are also measured in this test. 

GMAT has four distinct section types: 

  • Analytical Writing Assessment. 
  • Integrated Reasoning 
  • Quantitative 
  • Verbal 

The mean score for the GMAT is 552 for most Universities offering the course. 

Alternatives to the GMAT.  

GRE Test

What if you do not have GMAT? Does that mean you will not be accepted into any MBA program? No. There are alternatives  to GMAT although not all universities in China may accept them.

Graduate Record Examinations test (GRE) is one of the most accepted graduate admission exams especially in English speaking countries. GRE Test is administered by an organizational service known as Educational Testing Services (ETS). Although GMAT is more common for candidates applying for MBA programs, a number of schools recognize GRE as well. What distinguishes GRE from GMAT is that GRE is not just for business or management programs rather, it can be part of the entry for postgraduate programs in a variety of subject areas. Some of the universities in China that offer the MBA program accept GRE even when you have not done GMAT. 

Another alternative to GMAT is entrance exam tests given by universities. In this case, the test is not the same for all students like GMAT and GRE. Entrance tests vary from one university to another. The pass mark also varies from one university to another.  

Can I Send GMAT Results Later? 

Yes, you can. You have the option of sending the GMAT results later after sending your application. Most of the universities offering MBA programs in China require a way to determine whether you are eligible for the MBA program or not. Hence, it would be best to ensure that the results are sent before the application deadline to increase your chances of being enrolled into the MBA program. Since not all the universities offering MBA programs have the option of enrolling for MBA without GMAT, it would be best to find out beforehand if the institution you are planning to enroll in accepts alternatives to GMAT.

Chinese Universities That Accept GMAT

Some of the universities offering MBA that accept GMAT as part of the entry requirements are: 

CEIBS LogoChina Europe International Business School 

CEIBS is an international school in Shanghai, a joint venture for management education, co-founded by the Chinese government and European Union. It is the only school in Asia to have made it to Financial Times top 5 list of MBA and Executive MBA programs. 

To enroll for an MBA program at CEIBS using GMAT, you must get the required pass mark of the university. Click here for more information on MBA entry requirements.


CKGSB LogoCheung Kong Graduate School of Business

CKGBS is a business school that accommodates both local and international students. It aims at developing business leaders in China by teaching them the best business practices and theories that will enable them to succeed in the business industry in China and other parts of the world.

To qualify for an MBA program at CKGBS, you need to have competitive GMAT scores.



SJTU - Antai LogoShanghai Jiao Tong University, Antai College of Economics and Management

Antai was rated as a world class institution in Financial Times 2018 and 34th globally. It is renowned for its strict evaluation standards, independence and objectivity. As part of the entry requirements, you should submit a GMAT score or an alternative before being enrolled for the MBA program. For GMAT, the accepted score is 550 and above. More information about entry requirements can be found here.



Tsinghu University LogoTsinghua University School of Economics and Management

The university is located in northwest Beijing, a city bustling with life. The university offers many undergraduate and graduate programs. It has currently enrolled approximately 40,000 students in its campus.  

Tsinghua university accepts a competitive GMAT score as part of the entry requirements before being enrolled for the MBA program. See more requirements here.


University policies may change with time. Check with your adviser to get the latest information on current university policies. Also ensure that the Bachelor’s degree from the country you studied in is accepted in China.

Apply now to secure a place at an MBA program in China. Not sure about the best university to go or which one suits your needs? We can help you with that. Register your interest below and we will be glad to guide you. 

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