How To Fund an MBA in China

If you are thinking of studying MBA abroad, then China is the best place to do go. Being one of the fastest developing countries in the world and having a good number of world class universities that are approved to be the best in MBA, this may be one of the best decisions you could ever make. 

How Much Does it Cost to Study MBA in China?  

Studying in China is generally cheaper than studying in most universities in America or Europe. This is because of the abundance of universities, large number of intakes of international students and the low cost of living. The Government of China has also made it easier for both local and international students to study at a fair cost. Though the tuition fees of The MBA program may vary from one university to another, the tuition cost plays out to be affordable. Below are some examples of the tuition cost of some universities in China. 

Peking University, Guanghua School of Management

The international MBA program in English costs 188,000 RMB ($28,000 USD). The fee covers the whole MBA program.

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA program costs 198,000 RMB ($29,420 USD) for the entire program.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The program runs for 2 years. The entire fee for the program is 308,000 RMB ($46,000 USD). If you are unable to pay it all at once, you can pay it in 2 installments annually.

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

At CKGSB, the MBA program takes 14 months to complete. The cost of the program is $61,660 which is approximately 413,000 RMB.

Fudan University

The annual cost for the MBA program is 134,000 RMB ($20,044 USD).

China Europe International Business School

The MBA program runs for 18 months. The cost for the whole MBA program is 428,000 RMB ($63,596 USD). The fee covers:

  • Tuition 
  • Teaching materials (excluding textbooks) 
  • Use of internet resources using campus networks 
  • Access to school’s databases which are open to MBA students. 

How to get a Scholarship for the MBA program. 

MBA Mentors at CEIBS
MBA Mentors at CEIBS

Though the tuition fees may be cheaper in China than in other countries, it can be a bit costly to cater for all expenses especially when one is starting out in a new country. Therefore, universities in China have made studying easier for International students to afford studying in China by offering different types of scholarships. The scholarships can either be a governmental scholarship or from the institution itself.  

Scholarships offered by institutions may vary from one University to another. There are four types of scholarships available for International students. They include: 

  • ES: Enterprise Scholarship- applied for on University Website 
  • US: University Scholarships- Mostly applied for on the Universities website 
  • CLGS: Chinese Local Government Scholarship- applied for online 
  • GMAT Scholarship- in some universities, applicants for the International GMAT scores of 730 or higher are awarded a scholarship of 50% of the full program fee. Scores of 680 or higher are awarded a scholarship of 25% of the full program fee. Scores of 630 or higher are awarded a scholarship of 20,000RMB (2971$). An example of a university that offers such a scholarship is Antai College of economics and management, Shangai Jiao Tong University 

To get a scholarship in a university, you will have to apply directly to the university. However, if you want to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, you need to send the application to the Chinese embassy. You can do so online. Once you give all the details and documents required, the application will be reviewed and you will get a confirmation if you meet all the qualifications. 

University Scholarships for Women. 

CEIBS offers a women’s scholarship known as The Women Leadership Scholarship. CEIBS offers first year MBA students one to two scholarships each year, which are awarded based on academic and professional achievement and potential contribution to the MBA program. 

Every admitted female student applying for the program is automatically considered so there is no need for a separate application. The scholarship goes for an approximate of 222,000 RMB ($33,000 USD). 

Tsinghua University offers university scholarships for women known as Female Leader Scholarship. They award 55000-99000 RMB ($8,172-14,710 USD) to the applicant. There is a provision to apply for the scholarship online hence making it an easy process. 

CEIBS Scholarships. 
CEIBS students in the library
CEIBS students in the library

CEIBS offers merit-based scholarships to first year students. It is based on applicant’s academic and professional achievements, personal achievements, interview performance and contributions to the MBA Program. Candidates admitted to CEIBS are automatically considered hence, there is no need for a second application. 

  • Company-sponsored Scholarships – some of the companies sponsoring students in partnership with CEIBS include Greenwoods Asset Management, DongDu International and Omnicom Group. 
  • MBA fellowship. 
  • Entrepreneurship scholarship. 
  • Women fellowship. 
  • Middle East and Central Asia Talent Scholarship. 
  • Diversity Fellowship. 
  • Business Leadership Scholarship. 
  • Excellence Scholarship. 
  • Young Talent Scholarship. 
  • Business fellowship. 
BFSU IBS Masters Partial Scholarship 
Happy students at BFSU
Happy students at BFSU

Beijing Foreign Studies University offers International Business School, IBS scholarships to outstanding international students who pursue degrees at IBS. They offer the scholarship on the first year of studies and starts off from 50% of the tuition fee. The evaluation is based on academic background, language skills and social activities among other things. 

You can apply for the scholarship online but before then, you should ensure you have a look at the requirements for application before applying for the scholarship.

You can read more about the Master’s in International Business and apply here

Available Scholarships for MBA program. 

  • AMBA 50th Anniversary Scholarship
  • ACYA-RBS International MBA Scholarship
  • Forte Fellows Program Scholarship
  • University Scholarships

What can you do to increase your chances of getting a scholarship for your studies in China? Find out what some of the beneficiaries of a Chinese scholarship said. DeLin Lu, a student in China says, “I am a freshman in a university in Shandong, China. And I got a scholarship last term. So maybe I can share some my experience with you. First, you must get wonderful grades in your last term examination because only the top students can win scholarships. What’s more, if you break the rules in your school seriously and it is recorded by your school, you will not have the chance to have a scholarship. However, there are other ways that you can get it. For example, you perform well in some competitions or the students union. In a word, it is not too hard nor too easy to get a scholarship.” 

Apart from scholarships, you can finance your MBA studies by applying for a loan. Prodigy Finance is one place you can get a loan. In fact, you can get 1/3 of your tuition cost at CEIBS. You will start paying back the loan after you graduate and start earning.

Wait no more to reduce your financial burden to pay for an MBA course. Apply for a scholarship today! If you need more information or advice, register your interest below.

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