10 Compelling Reasons to Study MBA in China

Chinese MBA programs are on the up!

Recognizing its endless opportunities, China is fast-becoming the go-to study abroad destination for business professionals who want to broaden their skills, develop strong leadership knowledge and advance their careers.

The growing popularity of MBA programs in China can be credited to the many business schools in the country that have cemented their place globally. From China’s vibrant business environment, a booming economy to a wide range of full business scholarships, there are many reasons to study MBA in China.

Here are 10 of the best reasons why international students are venturing into the east for an MBA!

1. World-class MBA programs 
CEIBS was recently ranked the 5th in the world and no.1 in Asia in FT Rankings.

Chinese business schools occupy the Financial Times’ top 50 MBA rankings every year. Some of the best performing MBA schools include:

Many international business schools also have campuses in China. This means that students can access the best of the west in the east. HULT International Business School is just an example.

2. High employment rate

After three months of completing an MBA degree in China, 90% of MBA graduates find meaningful jobs at some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Some Chinese MBA schools have 100% post-graduate employment rates such as CEIBS and HKUST.

3. A wide range of career-changing opportunities

Obtaining an MBA in China elevates your career prospects. You will have easy access to local and multinational companies and different industries in Asia as well as a strong network of successful alumni. CKGSB MBA has one of the most extensive and exclusive alumni networks in the world. In fact, its alumni account for 17% of China’s GDP.

Jack Ma Alibaba
Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, is a CKGSB alumni.

Whether it’s in Fintech or green energy, China has a wide range of career-changing opportunities for MBA graduates.

4. Increase in earnings

MBA graduates from top Chinese business schools typically obtain salaries higher than what they were earning in the year before. In the Financial Times’ list of salary increase in MBA rankings, four of the top five places are dominated by Chinese MBA schools.

Western MBA programs can give you a salary increase of 80 to 100%, but an MBA at CEIBS can give you an enormous 157% increase in earnings.

5. Combines the east and west

Just like CEIBS’ motto, “China Depth, Global Breadth”, China has embraced the influence of the west in business. Chinese MBA schools give you the best of both worlds by providing you an in-depth knowledge of Chinese business practices and a global perspective.

East-West cooperation is also evident in many MBA programs in China. Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) programs are a perfect example.

6. Supports startup ventures

China is now the new Silicon Valley. More than 50% of the Chinese population embrace technology every day. With the rise of tech giants such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent, China is pushing to fund more startups in China.

Chinese MBA schools are also highly supportive of this movement. CEIBS MBA, for example, has an excellent startup incubator where MBA, EMBA, and alumni can discuss and network with possible venture capitalists.

7. Speak and write Chinese

As of 2020, the Chinese population is at 1,408,526,449. How does being able to understand a fifth of the world’s population sound? Great right! The majority of Chinese business schools require you to at least learn the basics of the Chinese language before enrolling.

While some business schools have summer classes of their own, you can also enroll in Beijing Language and Culture University’s Chinese language programs. BLCU is one of the best schools for learning Chinese!

8. Join international exchanges

CEIBS offers more than 30 international exchange programs to the most prestigious business schools across the world. Examples include INSEAD and the Chicago Booth. CUHK, on the other hand, has over 100 exchange programs. The business school covers 80% of the cost for every student.

9. Gain access to full scholarships

To attract a pool of bright minds and international talent, the Chinese government offers a range of scholarships that can cover the full cost of studying an MBA in China. Scholarships are granted according to an applicant’s academic and professional merit, personal achievements, and interview performance.

10. Amazing student experiences

Beyond the four walls of the classroom, you can explore China’s rich history and culture through Chinese tours and incursions. Taste amazing Chinese cuisine, visit Chinese museums and experience unparalleled shopping whole studying an MBA in China.

MBA applications in China are currently ongoing. You can send your application to China Admissions, and we will liaise with the business school of your choice on your behalf. Still undecided? Visit our site for a list of MBA programs.

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