CKGSB MBA vs. CEIBS MBA – Which One Should You Choose?

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business China Europe International Business School
GMAT Above 670 Above 670
Tuition Fee RMB 410,000 ($61,000 USD) RMB 428,000 ($64,000 USD)
Location Beijing Shanghai
Number of Students Approximately 60 175
Global Ranking It does not participate in MBA rankings 5
Application Deadline 13th May 13th March
Scholarship Yes Yes

Comparison Between CKGSB MBA and CEIBS MBA

Among the worthwhile decisions you can ever make is studying your MBA in China. Firstly, China holds the second best economy in the world. Secondly, it hosts some of the best schools globally that offer MBA. Thirdly, it is among the popular destinations for international students according to a report released by GMAC.

China is foreseen to become the second most popular destination, with 500,000 international students expected by 2020. It is recommended by Li Wei, MBA director at Beijing’s CKGSB, that if you want to do global business, you need to know about China.

Additionally, studying for an MBA in China is relatively cheaper as compared to some other parts of the world. This is made possible with the availability of a wide range of scholarships and affordable tuition fee across Chinese business schools.  

In order to choose the right MBA, it is crucial to contemplate the school in which to undertake the program. China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) are among the popular MBA schools in China. They have also been approved by the Chinese government. 

Comparison according to founding


Li Ka Shing

Li Ka Shing

CKSGB was founded in the year 2002 through the support of Li Ka Shing Foundation. It is part of the private, non-profit, independent educational institution and the only business school in China with faculty governance.

CKGSB offers a wide range of programs which include: MBA, Dual EMBA with IMD, Finance MBA, Executive MBA, Doctor of Business Administration, and Executive Education programs. 

Today, CKGSB is considered one of the major graduate business schools in China, with a leading role in the growing Chinese private sector. In its existence of 17 years, it has trained over 3000 highly rated CEOs.

Some notable alumni of the school include Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba group; Fu Chengyu, Chairman of Sinopec; and Wu Yajun, the fifth richest person and the richest woman in China as of 2012. Apart from its headquarter in Beijing, CKSGB has other campuses in Shanghai and Shenzhen. It also has its offices in Hong Kong, New York City and London.  


CEIBS, on the other hand, is a globally top-ranked business school located in Pudong district, Shanghai, China. It was established in November, 1994. It was formed under an agreement between the government of China and the European Commission. 

CEIBS prides itself as China’s first business school in mainland China to offer a full-time MBA, an Executive MBA and a wide range of Executive Education programmes.  

CEIBS MBA has been ranked the best in Asia three times consecutively and recently, it was ranked the fifth best MBA in the world according to the Financial Times ranking. It is also celebrated as the first Chinese business school to make the world’s Top 10 MBA ranking compiled by FT in 2009. 

Comparison according to location

Beijing vs. Shanghai
Shanghai and Beijing cities at night
Shanghai City at night (left) and Beijing City at night (right)

An important factor to consider when choosing an MBA is the location of the school of your desire. It is therefore important for a person to consider the advantages and disadvantages that come with the school’s location.  

CKGSB has its headquarter placed at the centre of Beijing. Beijing prides itself as the capital city of the People’s Republic of China. Advantages that come with doing your MBA at the capital city include:   

  • Beijing has a great political and economic influence.
  • Beijing is rich and diverse in culture. It gives a student a fast hand opportunity to interact with an amazingly unique culture and a city that combines tradition with innovation and high technology. 
  • The city has many scenery and historic sites that one may have an interest in attending.  

In contrast, CEIBS has its main campus in Shanghai. Shanghai has become undisputed the economic, commercial, and business hub of China. It holds the most multinational businesses as well as small companies and start-ups. This provides MBA students with a variety of places to conduct their research, and seek internships and employment opportunities. CEIBS has its other campuses in Beijing, Zurich, and Africa.  

Comparison according to tuition and funding

CKGSB Funding

The tuition at CGKSB is estimated at RMB 409,000. In addition to the tuition fee, the books and supplies range from RMB 7,000, Room and board (on-campus) cost RMB 60,000, Personal expenses cost RMB 42,000, and Visa and residency are charged from RMB 2,000; in total, all this is estimated at RMB 520,000.  

However, this should not cause worry as CKGSB has a wide pool of scholarships which an aspiring MBA scholars both in China and internationally may be willing to apply. Some of these scholarships include:  

  • CKGSB Merit-Based Scholarship: It is awarded to students who have demonstrated academic and professional excellence and have exhibited CKGSB’s values throughout the application process.  
  • The GMAT/GRE Achievement Scholarship: is a tiered scholarship for applicants that score a 680 or above on the GMAT test or an equivalent GRE score.  
  • CKGSB Industry Scholarships: is awarded to applicants who have demonstrated an exceptionally good contribution to a specific industry or function. The only fields that one may apply are Health Care FMCG(Fast Moving Customer Good), Culture and Media, Supply Chain or Logistics, Professional Service, Marketing/Sales, and Human Resources.  

Other scholarships include:

  • CKGSB Vision Scholarships
  • CKGSB Need-Based Scholarship
  • CKGSB Company Sponsored Scholarship
  • CKGSB Scholarships for International Applicants
  • CKGSB The Belt and Road Scholarship

Tuition fee for taking an MBA program at CEIBS stands at RMB 428,000. The tuition fee include tuition, teaching materials (excluding textbooks), use of internet resources using campus networks, and access to the school’s database which are open to all MBA students. 

CEIBS offers loans and highly diversified scholarships to qualified individuals, both local and international, to facilitate their smooth running throughout their MBA schooling. Some of the scholarships issued by the school include: 

  • Company Sponsored scholarships – some of the companies offering the scholarship include Greenwood Asset Management, DongDu international and Omnicorn group. 
  • MBA fellowship
  • Entrepreneurship scholarship
  • Diversity Scholarship
  • Business Leadership Scholarship
  • Excellence Scholarship
  • Young Talent Scholarship

Student Testimonials

CKGSB’s faculty are second to none. Most have them had studied in the US…and they have this incredible broad global view that has Chinese origins and principles but is so broad in perspective. It is the scope that I feel no other faculty can provide.” – Rory Bate-Willimas, CKGSB Alumni

I always tell my friends that China is the most technologically advanced country in the world and that life in China is so convenient.  When I leave campus, I only need to take my phone, on which I can do just about anything – order food, arrange transportation, and pay bills. Usually this is followed by me explaining how crucial a portable charger is!– Ryan Tambis, MBA student at CEIBS

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