Why This Student Chose to Study an MBA at CKGSB in China over a European School

With numerous outstanding MBA schools in Europe, you’d think that the obvious choice for French student Clément Jean would be to study in his home country. However, after obtaining his bachelor’s degree at Tsinghua University in China, Clément is now pursuing an MBA degree at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB).

Although business education in China is booming, it’s a relatively young industry. In fact, when the Financial Times published its first list of the top MBA schools in the world in 1999, no Chinese business school made the cut.

Fast forward 21 years later and Chinese MBA schools are dominating world rankings and accreditations. At the forefront is CKGSB!

Hear from CKGSB 2019 MBA student, Clément as to why he chose to study an MBA at CKGSB in China over a European school, and how he has found the China insights unparalleled.

CKGSB is still accepting applicants for the MBA program. Apply through China Admissions!

Why Choose CKGSB MBA

Clément chose and recommends the MBA program at CKSGB for three exceptional reasons.

  • CKGSB does not see something white or something black, instead, it sees the shades of grey in between. At CKGSB, there is always a rationale, an opportunity, and knowledge behind every topic or situation.

“For instance, we will not say a policy is bad, we will say okay, this policy was made for this purpose. It’s important to understand why it works, and why it fails.” According to Clément, this is the most important lesson he learned from CKGSB.

  • CKGSB has a strong China insights perspective. Students will learn global economic statistics, while still being grounded in the Chinese point of view. This is highly valuable as China has one of the largest economies in the world.
  • CKGSB integrates entrepreneurship into the program. They encourage you to be an entrepreneur by pushing you to find innovative solutions to problems and demands. 

Watch Clément’s interview here (1:19):


This accelerated English language 14-month MBA program helps young professionals transform into global business leaders with a strong understanding of China and other emerging economies.

Participants will tap into unique mentoring opportunities that will connect them to the Who’s Who of business in China as they learn from some of the best academics in one of the most dynamic markets in the world.

The CKGSB MBA Program is known as “The Entrepreneur’s MBA“, and gives students access to a wide community of highly successful founders in China. You can learn more about the CKGSB Chuang (Founders) community here.

About Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) is China’s first independent, faculty-governed and non-profit business school. Founded in 2002 with support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, CKGSB’s mission is to cultivate business leaders with a global vision, a humanistic spirit, a strong sense of social responsibility and an innovative mindset.

CKGSB has a campus in Beijing, teaching sites in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and representative offices in Hong Kong, London, and New York. The school offers innovative MBA, Finance MBA, Executive MBA, Business Scholars Program (DBA) and Executive Education programs.

You can learn more about CKGSB here.

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