10 Reasons Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) is the Elite Business School in China

Do you want to study at a business school that provides you with in-depth understanding of the latest emerging markets impacting global business?

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) established in 2002 by business tycoon and great visionary Mr. LI Ka-shing, is a leading business school in China that equips students with global vision, a humanistic spirit, a strong sense of social responsibility and an innovative mindset.

CKGSB is the first private, free-standing and independent business school in China. It is one of the top MBA schools for international students. CKGSB’s roots in China and extensive international experience, as well as its world-class professors give students the breadth to enter the Chinese and Asian markets.

Here are 10 reasons CKGSB is the Elite Business School in China!

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10 Reasons CKGSB is the Elite Business School in China

1. Unrivalled China insights

CKSGB provides students with a deep understanding of the practical reality of the Chinese business market through world-class professors who have rich global experience.

It is also a leading research institution that aims to create important insights on topics that will contribute to business in China as well as go into areas that are not fully understood outside of China.

2. World-class faculty with global perspective

One of CKGSB’s most important assets is its 40+ full-time, resident professors who are second to none. 50% of CKGSB’s professors tenured at top global schools and its faculty has received over 70 global academic awards. Their research has also provided the basis for over 400 case studies of both China-specific and global issues.

Dr Li Wei is Professor of Economics, Associate Dean of English MBA, Director of the Case Center and Director of the China Economy and Sustainable Development Center at CKGSB.
3. Outstanding MBA programs

CKGSB’s MBA programs excel in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and initiating career transformations among young professionals.

Post-graduation, 30% of its CKGSB MBA graduates build their own businesses, and 60% begin to work in new industries.

CKGSB currently offers innovative MBA, Finance MBA, Executive MBA, Business Scholars Program (DBA) and Executive Education programs.

4. Promotes action learning 

Central to CKGSB’s curriculum in all degree programs is the action learning approach to business education. To fully equip students, courses are taught through peer-to-peer sharing and mentoring.

5. Strong and influential alumni network 

CKGSB boasts of its exclusive alumni network composed of 14,000+ elite and influential business figures in the worlds of Chinese business and government with 50% at the Chairman or CEO level. Moreover, 25% of China’s most valuable brands are run by these alumni. This translates to 1 in 5 valuable brands.

6. Nurtures a global ecosystem of disruptors
CKGSB takes pride in fostering an ecosystem of next-generation disruptors who can build technology-driven disruptions that are socially, economically and environmentally desirable.

So far, CKGSB has created and developed 35 unicorns.

7. Latest trends and global issues

CKGSB educates students with cutting-edge knowledge from on-the-ground research on China’s economic policies trends. The business school also gives students a broader perspective on geopolitical shifts and socioeconomic issues affecting business and society

8. Strategic partnerships and joint programs with leading universities and global institutions

CKGSB has partnered with over 40 leading universities and global institutions, including Harvard Kennedy School, Columbia Engineering, Churchill College Cambridge and Berkeley Engineering. CKGSB also has joint research projects with institutions such as the IMD in Switzerland and FDC in Brazil.

9. Advocate of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) 

As one of the top business schools in China and the world, CKGSB is a strong proponent of social innovation in business. In 2017, CKGSB integrated mandatory courses teaching sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in all their program modules. The goal is to find solutions to global issues such as wealth inequality, social immobility and sustainability.

Whether a student is the chairman of a state-owned enterprise or a senior manager of a private organization, they are required to complete philanthropic service to be eligible for graduation.

In the volunteer service, the students have to start a community investment project and must complete 150,000 hours serviced for society.

10. Worldwide locations

CKGSB has numerous campuses across China and the world. It has three beautiful campuses in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. CKGSB also has representative offices in international cities such as London, New York and Hong Kong.

Get to know CKGSB, China’s first faculty-governed elite independent business school in this video (2:16):

About the MBA Program at CKGSB

This accelerated English language 14-month MBA program helps young professionals transform into global business leaders with a strong understanding of China and other emerging economies.

Participants will tap into unique mentoring opportunities that will connect them to the Who’s Who of business in China as they learn from some of the best academics in one of the most dynamic markets in the world.

The CKGSB MBA Program is known as “The Entrepreneur’s MBA“, and gives students access to a wide community of highly successful founders in China. You can learn more about the CKGSB Chuang (Founders) community here.


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