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From our communications with students, and being foreign students in China ourselves, we know how important finding a job is for you. This is one of the most frequently asked questions by foreign students about studying in China. We are pleased to share with you the success of Chinese Universities in a recent employability ranking.

Eight Chinese universities ranked among the universities with the most employable graduates in the world. Tsinghua University is the most employable University in China, and has come at number 9 in the world, followed by Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University in top 50.

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Why do we study at universities and what do we expect of them? Do we study for the knowledge? For the title? Or maybe for the sake of studying, because we don´t have better things to do? Be it either of these reasons, there will be a day, when you will graduate and will start searching for a job. At that time, it will matter what school have you graduated from and what have you learned there. So it pays off to choose university smartly, or it might happen you will end up working at low paid position you are going to hate or maybe even without a job.

Luckily for us, there are ways to not only rate quality of the universities, but also how employable are graduates from these universities. Naturally, we would expect that the better the university, the higher the chance of its graduates to find a good job. But it is more tricky than that. How can we find out what chances do universities´ graduates have?

One way to evaluate the quality of universities and their graduates is to look  at the rankings. Currently there are many rankings on the quality of universities, but until now few of them have been focused on graduates´employability. But Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) has come up with a way. They rated employability of universities´ graduates based on universities´ performance in several areas. There were five criteria such as employment rate of graduates or alumni´s outcome with various weights.

Tsinghua University number one in Employers’ Presence on Campus

Indicators of new Graduate Employability Ranking by QS

The top 10 universities are dominated by universities from U.S. and UK. But to surprise of many, there is also one Chinese university shining.

Tsinghua University on the 9th place in this ranking. Tsinghua University performed best in the Employer´s presence on campus criteria (100 out of 100 points).


Peking University has ended up on 15th place, so once again. Peking and Tsinghua are the top 1 and 2 in China. With the other six universities in top 200, China has some of most employable Chinese universities in the world.

Tsinghua University leading the most employable Chinese universities

Tsinghua University leading the most employable Chinese universities (infographics from CCTV News)

But there are some potential problems with this ranking. Firstly, it is first time QS is doing it, so it might have some imperfections. Also, many well-known universities refused to participate in this study. For example top Australian universities known as “Group of Eight”.  They declined to submit such confidential information about their graduates and industry partners. Secondly, there might be problem with essence of this ranking. It is pretty straightforward and intuitive that the best universities will be attracting the brightest students. And the best employers want to, of course, employ graduates from the best universities. Lastly, all these universities have hundreds if not thousands of graduate programs. Graduates of some programs are in high-demand, but some might be struggling to find a job.

Also the general ranking is designed for Chinese students, so there may be some differences for international students, as we wrote about here when looking at the rankings of Chinese Universities. There can also be a lot of difference between the different schools in the same University.

From the perspective of foreign students, the most employable programs are those that can provide assistance in finding jobs and careers, and its useful to learn from other students. You can also ask us and we will give you the information we know from our experience.

We also have some articles on how to find an internship or work in China. Can foreign students work in China? and How to find a job in Beijing? Which may be useful. China Admissions also provides ongoing assistance to you throughout your time in China and will help with introductions.

We have recently been interviewing some Tsinghua students and alumni of the LLM program at Tsinghua School of Law. It is quite fascinating to hear their stories, and experiences in China. Stay tuned for updates and we will be posting more information and a video about their stories.

Some photos of trips of Tsinghua LLM students to law firms, Baker Mckenzie, Junhe, Clifford Chance, Beijing Arbitration Committee can be seen below:

So how should you decide about which university to study at? You can ask us and we will give you objective advice about Universities and the situation in China for foreign students. Employability is definitely an important part of choosing a University that you should take into account when choosing which University to study at.

You can see the employability ranking in full on the QS website here.

If you are interested in studying in China and would like to find out more, contact us at or phd at beijing normal university

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Shynar from Kazakhstan, studied at Beijing Language and Culture University.
Shynar Shinibekova

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