How to find a job in Beijing?

A lot of students think about getting a job during their studies. Some people want it for experience, some want/need to make their own money, some students just like having something to do and feel busy.

So when they think about a job in Beijing, all of them have one simple question: how to find it?

In this article we’ll try to provide the students who have this question with an answer. 

First of all, China Admissions’ partner – JingJobs.

“Connecting the right people with the right jobs in


Started by Samantha Kwok, a young graduate who was looking for opportunities in China, the company completely understands the struggle of finding something that doesn’t just pay the bills, but is stimulating and exciting as well, so it’s well suited to help students and not only students but all foreigners to find a job in China.

What you can do with JingJobs?

  • Search and filter through their job listing based on your preferences.
  • Create a JingJobs CV to showcase your talent. Add samples of work or writing to your portfolio.
  • After creating a CV you can apply for jobs through JingJobs quick one click unnamed-2application process. All you need to do is to hit the Apply Now button next to any of the job ads and your CV will be sent to employers.
  • You can also post a job description after signing up. It will be reviewed and live within 24 hours.

And it’s all for free!

You can find the list of jobs here, follow them on wechat by scanning the QR code ➪,  and find them on other social websites:

LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

Second, almighty theBeijinger, which should be bookmarked by every foreigner, as it helps us resolve almost every problem we might have in China; it helps with accommodation, finding friends, finding something to do on the weekends, keeping us updated about all the events in China and, of course, finding a job.
It’s also free, but the difference between the first and second choice is that with thebeijinger you’ll have to monitor the ads yourself, looking for suitable opportunity.For employment ads please take a look at this.


The third option will be useful only for Russian speakers: Vostochnoe polusharie. The site is almost the same as thebeijinger, the only difference is the language.

For employment ads please click here.

And another option is Hutong school’s internship program. This choice unlike the previous ones is not for free, but. This is the only option which doesn’t require you to do anything. They will sort it all out for you.

For those foreigners who are currently outside of China or in China and want to find job, but don’t have much time or have trouble with it, and want a guaranteed good place sorted, Hutong school is the best choice, as the school takes the time out of finding-a -job process and does it all for you.

They also help with visa application.

The visa application process is different for each student, so we will help you figure out which visa will be the best option for your specific situation. Once you enroll in one of our China internship programs, we will then be able to assist you with the details of the visa application process.

If  you find the program interesting, you can contact us at and apply and/or ask any other questions you might have.

Internships, part-time jobs are very important for students and are recommended by everyone, as it’s one of the keys to successful future. Every employer expects students to have some work experience now by the time they graduate; these part-time jobs and internships are also a way to make sure you chose the right occupation while it’s not too late to change your mind, if it’s not right for you.InternshipDiagram

They are also a preparation for the adult’s world, the world with jokes (or bitter truth) about living from salary to salary, the world with complaints about high prices and small salaries, and bosses and fears about being fired, the world which students don’t quite understand until they step out into it. Internships and part-time jobs are necessary because after having this experience the big world doesn’t seem so scary and unknown. After having finished the internship or part-time job you are more ready than you were.

So don’t lose time, look at the options we gave you and search for the opportunities!

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