China Is One Of The Best Decisions I Made In My Life – Here’s Why…

20 year old Michelle Lionard hails from Jakarta, Indonesia. She is currently studying Financial Mathematics in Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU). In her free time, Michelle loves to vlog. If you try to see her videos, it’s predominantly about her fun life in China as a student. Check out Michelle’s interview with Nadia here!

An Unexpected Turn

Michelle first came to China in 2018. She is now in her third year at XJTLU in Suzhou, China. However, China was far from her mind when she was considering university options.

Way before graduating high school, Michelle always knew she wanted to study abroad. Fascinated by Western culture, she wanted to study in the United States, but realized it was too expensive. Around that time, one of Michelle’s seniors in high school was studying at XJTLU. Michelle couldn’t help but see how happy she was in China.

“XJTLU really looked cool and Suzhou is so gorgeous. I said to myself, you know what, I’m going to give China a shot!”

Michelle also realized the importance of the Chinese language for her future. “In this day and age, knowing how to speak and write Mandarin is crucial. It’s an important asset.”

“I applied to XJTLU and got a scholarship. Everything went really well. I don’t regret coming to China until this day. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.”

New Life in Suzhou, China

Michelle found China to be amazing, but when she arrived in Suzhou, she didn’t expect to see more. “When I arrived in Suzhou, I was in awe of the city. It was just crazy gorgeous. I didn’t think it would be that beautiful.”

Known as the Venice of Asia because of its lovely lakes and water towns, Suzhou offers a slower paced lifestyle compared to Beijing. Although it has a more relaxed vibe, Suzhou is still a modern city that provides residents with comfort.

Major Reasons Michelle Chose To Study At XJTLU

  • International university
  • Double degree after graduation
  • Program major is unique and offered in English
  • Student-friendly environment
  • Modern university with impressive architecture
  • Professional teachers who are willing to help
  • Diverse and multicultural environment

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