Application for Chinese Universities Open for 2021 Intake

(Note that if you are interested to apply for September 2020, there are still many universities open to apply. Don’t miss a year of your education! See the full list here.)

If it is your dream to study in China next year in 2021? You can apply now to study in 2021 for March or September intake. There are many benefits to applying early. You can increase your chances of being accepted and have more chances for scholarships.

Start your university application in China!

How to apply to a Chinese university for 2021

You can search for Chinese universities open for 2021 intake or browse around our site for program offerings. After choosing a Chinese university and a degree program to pursue, fill out China Admissions’ online application form and submit relevant documents. You will also need to pay the application fee. Read about the next steps here as well as additional instructions.

Universities start processing applications at different times, normally in October 2020. If you apply on China Admissions now, your application will be among the first to be processed by universities. We will also check it for free and give you feedback.

Applying early also gives you more opportunities for scholarships, as universities often give more scholarships to the first students who apply.

It is better to start early to increase your chances of getting into the best university.

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