China Admissions Broke Barriers To Help Me Study PhD In Law At UIBE

Angel Puente Reyes is a lawyer by profession. He has 10 years of legal practice in Ecuador where he also worked with Chinese clients. Interested to learn more about China’s history, culture and economy, he travelled all the way from South America to Asia to study in China.

Angel completed his master’s degree at the China University of Political Science and Law. Currently, he is a candidate for PhD in Law at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). Here’s what Angel has to say about China Admissions’ study in China assistance!

Angel’s Experience With China Admissions

“If you think about studying or being in China, China Admissions is the platform to do so.”

Angel adds, “there are many things that you can’t do by yourself, such as the application. Then there’s the communication or language barrier. They (China Admissions) can help you with all that.”

On the China Admissions platform, Angel finds it easy and highly intuitive.

“I find the China Admissions platform very user-friendly. You can upload any required documents and get fast feedback if you ever need anything.”

Angel admits that he couldn’t do the application alone without the help of China Admissions. He is appreciative of China Admissions efforts in breaking barriers to help him study at UIBE.

“The services you bring go beyond your platform or the application, it’s the follow up that you do that’s pretty impressive.”

Angel further shares, “I know you comply with certain timelines during the application, and I might have screwed up a bit on the documents at the beginning. But you were all very understanding and you gave me timely feedback.”

“Throughout the application process, we have all these expectations and dreams. China Admissions builds them together with us.”

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