cost of living in qingdao

Cost of Living in Qingdao, China

Qingdao (formerly known as Tsingtao) is a beautiful city located in the north eastern coast of China, close to North and South Korea. As the largest city in Shandong province, it has a population of about 9 million people. The cost of living in Qingdao is much lower than mega cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.


A furnished one-bedroom apartment has a monthly rental rate of US $300 to $700.


A basic meal can cost between $4 to $7 while a three-course meal at a restaurant has a higher price at $25 to $50.


Public transportation fees are relatively low in Qingdao with a one-way ticket averaging $.2, a monthly pass at $9 and a taxi ride for 5 kilometres at $3.58.


Utilities which include electricity, heating, gas and water can range from $45 to $200 per month depending on usage, while data, messaging and internet will cost you $15 to $25 per month.


Some of Qingdao’s most renowned universities include Qingdao University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Qingdao Technological University. These universities have much lower tuition fee compared to universities in Beijing or Shanghai. Depending on the program, yearly tuition can range from $2,600 to $7,000.

Miscellaneous expenses

There are many things to do in Qingdao. You can get a taste of the world famous 3 ml Tsingtao beer for as low as $.28, dine out with friends at $7 to $21 or watch a nice movie for $5.

Average monthly cost of living

The average monthly cost of living in Qingdao for a single person is $944.

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