3 Best Reasons to Study Bachelor’s in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship

China is home to countless world-class universities with high global rankings. International students from every corner of the world are flocking to China to obtain quality education as well as immerse themselves in China’s rich history and culture.

If you want to study in China, enrolling yourself in a preparatory course can make a big difference. It will help you gain background knowledge about Chinese education and learn the way of life in China as well as its culture and language.

A common preparatory course is the Bachelor’s in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship Program.

What is the Bachelor’s in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship?

The BLCC and TJU “1+3” Chinese Language Undergraduate Scholarship Program (CLUSP) is a four-year program for international students offered by both the Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College and Tianjin University.

It is for students who would like to pursue the Chinese Language as their undergraduate degree. Successful applicants will receive a scholarship for their first-year study at BLCC, after which, Tianjin University will offer a scholarship for the rest of the three years of the degree.

Learn more about the program here.

3 Reasons to Study Bachelors in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship 

The Bachelors in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship Program gives students a valuable edge among many preparatory courses.

1. The Bachelor’s in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship is a formal degree program that provides students with a diploma and a certificate.

Graduates of the Bachelor’s in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship can start working professionally after completion of the program. On one hand, the CCN IFP is a pre-university foundation course which means that it’s a preparatory program for admission to the undergraduate courses in Chinese universities.

2. The Bachelor’s in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship provides quality education at a much affordable price.

The tuition fee per year for the Bachelor’s in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship program is RMB 19,200 which is still subject to adjustment based on the scholarship that students are going to obtain.

CCN IFP can be costly with tuition fees ranging from RMB 16,000 to RMB 40,000 plus book fees. The tuition fee will also depend on the route and the university where you study the IFP program.

3. Get support from two of China’s best universities!

Students who choose the Bachelor’s in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship program get full support from both BLCC and Tianjin University. These universities provide career service assistance to students in the form of workshops and internships, employment assistance, connecting you with partner organizations, companies and more.



In addition to these three reasons, the BLCC + TJU Scholarship program has affordable fees, and it’s also an old and experienced program.

You can apply for the BLCC + TJU program online, and it’s even made easy if done through China Admissions. It’s also faster to get an admissions letter for the program.

About BLCC and TJU

Bachelors in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship


Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College is the only institution specializing in Chinese education in China. BLCC is renowned for its outstanding Chinese teaching and professional service. It is now the training center for highly qualified Chinese teachers, R & D center of Chinese education and learning center for international students interested in Chinese language and culture.

It ranks among the first Chinese teaching bases authorized by OCAO and the first training bases of language application authorized by the State Language Commission of China. The college is also an HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) site.

TJU logo

Tianjin University, previously known as Peiyang University, is the first modern university in China. Since it was established in 1895, it has been an academic leader in research and teaching, living up to the university motto of “Seeking Truth from Facts”.

The university was renamed Tianjin University (TJU) in 1951. The university welcomed its first batch of international students in 1954. In 1959, it became one of the first National Key Universities and in later years was among the first group of universities to be included in the “211” and “985” projects which aim at developing world-class universities.

Enrollment for the Bachelor’s in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship program is now ongoing. You can also search for BLCC programs on our site.

Start your application with ease, contact China Admissions and we will provide you with professional advice and guidance.

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