Why I Started China Admissions – Founder’s Story

Rich was sitting in an economics class at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom in 2005 when he thought how little people know about how economics really works. He wanted to get into the world, push boundaries and create more challenge in his life, so he started learning Chinese and understand China.

Rich took a break from university, flew to China to study at Peking University. He also taught English in a school in rural China near Wuhan and even co-authored an English book for learners.

Rich had an amazing time in China, he met wonderful people and opportunities came non-stop. After graduating from the University of Exeter and foregoing his plans to become a lawyer, Rich founded China Admissions in 2015 and it has grown into one of the most successful education platforms in China.

China Admissions was awarded funding from the Chaoyang Government in Beijing City, has received a number of awards such as the China Edtech 100 as one of the top 100 edtech companies in China. It has also been featured international media such as the Economist, and XinhuaChina Daily, and more.

Rich was a speaker at the China Education Conference in Beijing and awarded as one of the top 30 foreign entrepreneurs in China.

Richard is often having calls with students to learn more about students experience using China Admissions. You can learn more about his story here: China Admissions: CEO’s story

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Content crafter at China Admissions with nine years of professional writing experience. Fil-Chinese who honors my heritage every day. On a fascinating journey exploring China and tracing my ancestry. See China through my lens.
Christine Chiu

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