Why China Admissions?

Before you go through the whole process of starting your application and paying application fees, it is a fair question to ask why you should start your application together with us. There are many reasons to choose us. We know which programs you should choose in order to increase your chances of admission, which programs are the best, which programs are cheap and how to prepare a professional application.

We also help to explain the visa process, to book dorms and provide applicants and students with as much information as they need in order to successfully start their journey to China. But the three main reasons to apply with us are summarized below.

Three reasons to apply with us

Helping you to make the right choice: You will get expert advice by foreigners who used to study here and have been through the process by themselves. We simply know the do’s and don’ts and from making the right program choice to your arrival at the university (and even beyond) we will point you in the right direction and assist you with any information you need.


Convenient and quick application: There is no need to invest a lot of time in researching programs and informing yourself about the application platforms and procedures of each university. You can easily compare programs and create one online application through our website.


No extra charges: Our application service is free of charge, you will not pay anything more than if you were to apply by yourself. You only need to pay the application fee, which is charged by the university. You can find out more about the application fee below.

What is the application fee? Can I pay it after I receive my admission documents?

The application fee is not a service fee charged by us, our application service is free of charge. The application fee is part of each application here in China. It is charged by the universities upfront (non-refundable) in order to process your application and prepare your admission documents and visa form and mail these to you via DHL express. Without the application fee the universities will not process your application, therefore we need to collect it upfront.


Most application fees range between $80 and $150 USD, the exact amount will be displayed in the Payment section of your online application. You can pay by bank transfer, Wechat, or Paypal. The full instructions are here. Make sure to attach the receipt in the Payment section of your online application and click the “Submit Payment” button in order to submit your application. If you don’t submit your payment, your application will not be reviewed.


If you are unsure about anything or you need some guidance from us prior to paying the application fee, contact us via apply@china-admissions.com. We are happy to point you in the right direction and make your application a success.

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Start your journey to study in China

Make sure to read this article here, it explains everything you need to know in order to prepare a professional application. It helps you to make the right program choice and can increase your chances of admission. In order to apply just follow these three simple steps

  1. Find a program: you can find programs here. Click on the program’s name (not the university’s name), then you will be directed to the program’s webpage to find out more.
  2. Start your online application: Once you are on a program’s webpage that you want to apply for, click the “Apply Now” button on the bottom of the page. Make sure to read this article here in order to provide the right documents.
  3. Submit the application: Pay the application fee, attach a payment receipt and click the “Submit Payment” button. The full payment instructions are here.

Please note: The application will only be reviewed if you have successfully submitted it. If you are unsure about anything or you need some guidance from us prior to paying the application fee, contact us via apply@china-admissions.com

We want your dreams to become true, start your application now!

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Founder and CEO at China Admissions. Originally from UK🇬🇧, based in Beijing. Studied at Peking University & BLCU. Preparing for HSK 6. Hope we can help more talented international students have the same amazing experiences and opportunities that I have had
Richard Coward

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3 years ago

we can not pay the application fees.if you stand for granting of study you shoud not be ask any payments.

Gerrit Rosam
Gerrit Rosam
3 years ago
Reply to  haftu

Dear Haftu,

thank you for your comment. The application fee is not charged by us, but it is charged by the university. So in order for the university to review and process your application the fee needs to be paid.

The advantage of applying through us is that you get free help and advice to process your application, you can easily look up and compare universities on our platform here, also instead of applying separately to different universities you can apply to multiple universities by creating one application on our platform and for all of there are no additional costs. So it will be much easier than applying by yourself.

Please also note that if you are not able to pay for the application fee, you will also not be able to pay the tuition fee. In this case you might be interested in our scholarship service. Please note that for our scholarship service we actually do charge a small amount of money in order to cover our time and costs, more info on that here

3 years ago

Is it possible to pay the fees at the University after applying?

Gerrit Rosam
Gerrit Rosam
3 years ago
Reply to  Arok

Dear Arok,

the application fees need to be paid upfront in order for the universities to invest their time and effort into reviewing your application. If you get accepted, this fee will also cover the shipping fees to send your admission documents to your home address

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