Stuck at Home Because of COVID-19? Here’s a Wise Way to Spend Your Time

As COVID-19 sweeps the world, wherever and whoever you are, we are left on the same boat – follow the “shelter-at-home” order. This is the least we can do to help our front-liners who are working painstakingly day and night to contain the coronavirus.

Now more than ever, we need to get creative and make our newfound time worthwhile by staying busy and productive. If you want to “leave” the house without getting off your couch, there is a myriad of activities that you can do at home or even in the digital space.

From learning a thing or two, resurrecting old interests/hobbies, here are wise ways to keep your mind refreshed, your spirits up, and get over the lonely slog!

5 Wise Ways to Spend Your Time While Waiting for COVID-19 to Pass!

1. Learn Chinese

What if you’re given a chance to converse with a fifth of the world’s population? That’s highly possible if you study Chinese! China’s population is estimated at 1.4 billion as of 2020, so learning Chinese as a second language is a great idea!

Beef up your Chinese language skills by enrolling in any of these online Chinese programs:

Here’s a sample class of BLCU’s online Chinese class:

For something fun that will also enhance your Chinese language skills, you can watch Chinese dramas. Go Go Squid (亲爱的 热爱的 Qin Ai De, Re Ai De) and The Longest Day in Chang’an (长安十二时辰) are great series’ that you can watch!

2. Enroll yourself in an online program

We are used to taking face-to-face classes all our life, but being in a virtual classroom is a different kind of experience, and yes, you can study online even if you’re not “tech-savvy”.

Taking a course online also has a lot of perks! It gives you more flexibility, you can choose your own learning environment (e.g. your bedroom, study), it has lower costs and you even get to practice self-motivation and time management skills.

China Admissions has a variety of online courses and programs that are on offer, check them out here

3. Join FREE info sessions

Do you want to improve an existing skill or gain an in-depth understanding of certain topics or situations? There are numerous free info sessions, webinars and online events available that you can participate in. These are being offered by education institutions, businesses, leading professionals and experts and organizations.

China Admissions’ regularly post free info sessions that you can register in. You can check free upcoming webinars and online events here.

4. Work on a long-forgotten project

Did you once start a passion project that just went to the deep, dark corners of your files because you were too busy? Use this time to dust off those files and revisit your plans! With free time on your hands, you might just launch that project that you’ve always wanted to do.

5. Read China Admissions’ interesting articles

Whether you’re considering China as a study abroad destination or you simply want to know more about Chinese culture, China Admissions has hundreds of interesting articles about everything China that you can read. Be sure to visit our blog – enjoy reading!

If you were to choose, which of these activities do you plan on doing? Beijing Language and Culture University (one of the best language schools in China) is offering a Chinese Trial Class. It’s totally for free, you can sign-up here.

Want to learn how to make great sales during tough times? Shanghai Jiaotong University has an online info session on Saturday, 28th March at 3:30 PM that you can attend. Register here.

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