8 Sure Ways to Get Accepted Into the Chinese University of Your Choice

Applying to Chinese universities can be a stressful process. More so, if you’re doing it in your home country and not in China. Make sure that you get accepted into the Chinese university of your choice. Read our 8 best tips.

Best Tips to Get Accepted into a Chinese University

Every year, Chinese universities decline a handful of student applications for a number of reasons. This can be due to late applications, missing application documents, among other reasons.

Don’t be part of this statistic, make sure you get accepted into your dream Chinese university with our tips.

1. Keep yourself informed

Read about the application process in Chinese universities. It’s also helpful to know the academic requirements and needed application documents.

Most of the time, you can find this information on the university’s web page. If not, reach out to their international student department. You can also follow their social media accounts for updates.

2. Get organised

Before you start, make sure to organise. Create a to-do list and set reminders to keep track of deadlines, transcript status and recommendation letters.

3. Have a back-up plan

Keep your options open. Choose three top Chinese universities you want to enroll in. A back-up plan is essential in case you don’t get into your first option.

4. Apply early

Submit your application and documents as early as possible. This will make you stand out above the crowd. Be sure to check out these articles:

Search for more programs on our site.

5. Write a killer personal statement letter

We advise international students to write an impressive personal statement letter. Besides your intent and future career plans, this letter will showcase your personality. It will also help determine why you’re a good fit for the program and university.

Start writing a killer personal statement letter here.

6. Ask your teachers for an enthusiastic recommendation letter

Not all Chinese universities require this, however, it can make a big difference. Make sure to include a list of your accomplishments to your teachers. It’s also good to request for an added punch in your letter.

7. Show your interest in the Chinese university

How do you demonstrate your interest? You can visit a university advisor, go on a campus tour or submit yourself for a voluntary interview. It’s also helpful to attend university fairs in your home country. You can connect with admission counselors and make a good impression.

Check out China Admissions for the latest events and activities in your area.

8. Keep your lines of communication open

Reply to enquiries promptly. The application process doesn’t end after you submit your application and documents. Most Chinese universities will contact you directly to ask for more information. Be sure to check your email every day.


Work with China Admissions

The best way to increase your chances of getting accepted into the Chinese university of your choice is to process your university applications with China Admissions.

We make everything easy for you. Working with us means having professional guidance during the application process. We help prepare your documents, liaise with Chinese universities and provide you with regular updates.

Most of all, we have strong partnerships with many Chinese universities. You will have a higher chance of being accepted.

China Admissions can assist you in your journey to China. From your university application to your arrival in China, we make everything easy for you.


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