MBA in China 2020 Intake Now Open For Application!

Why should I enroll for an MBA in China?

The answer is pretty simple – China is home to the best business schools in Asia and the world! With the likes of CEIBS and CKGSB, an MBA in China is truly world-class.

In addition, China is experiencing the greatest economic growth of the past thirty years. If you study an MBA in China, you will have the opportunity to experience firsthand how Chinese companies achieve exponential success and how this powers progress in China. Not to mention, MBA schools in China have a solid and strong alumni network!

If you’re ready to enroll for an MBA in China, check out schools which are now open for application!

MBA Schools Open for March 2020 Intake
Deadline: December 30, 2019
MBA Schools Open for September 2020 Intake
Deadline: June 13, 2020
Deadline: June 30, 2020
Deadline: August 23, 2020

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