Introducing a Modern Medical University in China

With high quality education, affordable tuition fee and the best clinical internships in top hospitals, China is fast becoming the No. 1 destination for foreign students who want to study MBBS.

China is also exceptionally popular for having state-of-the-art medical schools that are as stunning as they are stellar. But if there’s one medical university that stands out, it’s Shantou University Medical College (SUMC). Take a tour of SUMC’s modern facilities and beautiful campus!

5 Most Modern Facilities at SUMC

SUMC boasts a superb teaching and research environment is located at the main campus of Shantou University which is strategically located at the heart of Shantou city. Here are five of the most modern facilities at SUMC:

1. New Medical Education Center

One of the most recent additions to SUMC’s state-of-the-art facilities is the new Medical Education Center. This center was designed by world-renowned Herzog & de Meuron Basel Ltd. It is home to modern-equipped classrooms, research laboratories, and computing rooms.

The Education Center’s perpendicular orientation to the main grid of the campus is a unique architectural point at Shantou University.

A view of the new Medical Education Center at SUMC main campus.

2. Simulated Medical Center

Another cutting-edge facility inside SUMC is the Simulated Medical Center. SUMC has high-end simulators and virtual network technologies such as SimMan 3G simulator below, the first of its kind in China.

The SimMan is a wireless human patient simulator that represents an average-size adult patient. This modern medical manikin can teach core skills in medicine.

3. Virtual hybrid operating system

SUMC houses the first virtual hybrid operating system imported from Sweden in Asia. This allows students to practice their medical-surgical skills in a real surgery room setting.

In this photo, students are trained in the Surgery Training
Room in preparation for medical internship.

4. Human Life Science Hall

The Human Life Science Hall is an interactive, evolving place of discovery of the human body. There are nine stations with over 600 unique human specimens that demonstrate the embryonic development and each organ system of the human body.

The hall features the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system – Anatomage Table for anatomy education. The Anatomage Table enables students to learn anatomy in 3D exactly as they would on a fresh cadaver and beyond what any cadaver could offer.

5. SUMC Library

MBBS students can study at the Shantou University Library designed by the world-renowned architect Ray Chen.

The SUMC library is equipped with wireless networks and a contemporary digitalized medical resources portal.

Study MBBS at SUMC

Experience the most advanced medical ecosystem in the world by enrolling in the Clinical Medicine (MBBS) program at one of the best medical colleges in China.

Students have the option to take the MBBS program at SUMC in English or Chinese. SUMC’s students have achieved a passing rate of 93-98% in the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1 in the past years. The medical school’s international graduates gain their residency positions in the USA, Thailand and Malaysia.

SUMC is recognized worldwide and the MBBS program is offered at an affordable rate. It is 70% cheaper than in the U.S. or U.K. Living expenses are also low, which makes it economical for international students.

Learn more about the admissions process for 2021 intake at SUMC here.

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