How to Study in China in English

Do I need to be fluent in Chinese to be able to study in China? The answer is NO.

As part of the expansion of Chinese higher education, Chinese universities have been at the forefront of internationalization in the last decade. Part of this initiative is offering English-medium programs in all degree levels.

International Students in China

English-taught programs in Chinese Universities have successfully attracted thousands of international students in recent years.

In 2018, China had an international student population of 492,185. It has overtaken the United Kingdom, to rank second globally behind the United States. South Korea has the most number of foreign students with 16%. This followed by Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ghana also have high student population in China.

International students receive education with medium of instruction in English, but they will also be taught Chinese language and immerse in Chinese culture.

Ghanaian students in china

2 Types of English-taught Programs in China

Whether you want to enroll in English-taught bachelors, masters or PhD degrees, you need to understand the two types of English-medium programs in China.

1. International student only admission programs

This type of English-medium program is exclusive to international students. They will attend classes without local students. International student only admission programs are not offered by every university in China because of low enrollment concerns.

2. International and local student programs

This type of English-medium programs accept both foreign and local students. They are usually offered by Sino-foreign Universities in China. Students enjoy a diverse and multicultural class where they can build guanxi (relationships).

After graduating in this type of program, students obtain foreign university academic credits and degrees. Some of the international universities who offer this type of program include:

Which city in China is best for English-speaking foreign students?

If you would like to experience the comfort of home in China, big Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong are the best cities to be. They are partly westernized so many people speak and understand English. Western restaurants, malls and shops are also common in these cities.

However, if you would like some peace and quiet and a slower pace of life surrounded by nature, you can choose to study in provincial areas like Guilin, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xiamen and Guangzhou. Read about the top 5 cities in China for international students here.

Guilin City is one of China’s most popular tourist destinations
because of its karst landscape and caves.

Find English-medium Programs in China

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