How to find an internship in China?

Internship is a very important part of education, as the knowledge we receive in classrooms is book knowledge and it can never be enough without “real life” experience.

The only source of knowledge is experience. Albert Einstein

But finding an internship isn’t that easy in your own country considering the competition, not to mention in a foreign country, such as China.

So how to find an internship in China?

When you are in China, you can find an internship through:

1) Introductions from your friends or networking: for example, China Admissions. For students who applied through us, we can help make free introductions to people for internships through our network.

2) Teachers – ask your lecturers who have many connections in the industry, we are sure, they will be glad to help.

3) Websites such as jingjobs and thebeijinger: every day people post a lot of internship opportunities

how to find an internship in China

4) Applying to companies direct: find a company which you are interested in, print your resume, dress up and knock on their door – no sweet without some sweat, isn’t it right?

Perhaps, you’ll find out that they are not hiring, perhaps, you’ll have to knock on many doors before you find the one, but companies always need good employees, so in the end you’ll find the internship for sure.

You can use the methods listed above, but sometimes that might be more troublesome and not always possible. Especially if you need to find an internship while being outside of China.

So what should you do then?

There are some sweets without sweat, after all. Just takes some money.

You can pay to use an internship provider. This is much easier, as they help you and do pretty much everything for you.

If you like the option, but not sure which one to contact or where to find this internship provider, we can help – we recommend Hutong School with their internship program.

To learn more about internships and jobs in China watch the video of INTO China, and see what current students at Nankai University, and professionals who are working in China have to say about it.

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