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Many students ask us about internships and how to find an internship. We are pleased to offer you our China Internship Arrangement Service – a service that will kick-start your career in China and give you practical experience! This service is intended to help you organise an internship in a Chinese company.

We can offer you a review and introduction service and using our network of Universities, companies, friends, and alumni based around China to help you find an internship in China.

This can be in the field of law, business, medicine, or any other related area.

  • CV Analysis & Review – The CV, which is your best marketing tool, can help you make a good first impression on employers.  We will help you improve your CV and adjust it to make your qualities stand out.
  • Report on your opportunities in China job market – The Chinese job market is a big draw for foreign job-seekers due to competitive salaries and relatively low living costs. We will review opportunities and send to you options.
  • Posting out to a network of people who may be interested – We will share your CV with people who work in your area of expertise.
  • Mentor Introduction – we will introduce you to a mentor who can give you career guidance
  • Introductions to opportunities – We will help introduce you to opportunities and guarantee that you can get an accepted offer of an internship.
  • We will give you advice and suggestions for accommodation and visa arrangements.

What does our service NOT include

  • Accommodation – we can help introduce you to accommodation options and choices, but we do not include arranging the accommodation. 
  • Visa arrangements and costs need to be organised between you and the company.
  • We do not guarantee that you will have an internship, we will only help with introductions and interview follow ups.

Please note that this is only an introductory service, and is more suitable for students with overseas experience already. If you would like more assistance with arrangements you can consider Hutong School Internships

For more information on the China Internship Arrangement Service, please complete the form below.

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2) Pay the Service Fee

The fee for the China Internship Arrangement Service is $990 and payable in advance. Pay by clicking the PayPal button below.


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