8 Things You Need To Know If You Are Applying To MBBS In China

China is one of the most civilized countries and it is advancing in many industries including technology, medicine and engineering among others. They are also very good at trading. In fact, they trade with many European and African countries as well as U.S. China has also invested heavily in its education system, providing high quality education for both its citizens and international students. What do you need to know before applying to MBBS in China?

1. Have a Financial Budget Before You Arrive

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China is one of the lowest cost countries in the world to study medicine. The tuition cost is very low. It can be almost 50 percent lower than tuition costs in U.S and some countries in Europe. The low cost is due to subsidization done by the government in order to attract more international students to study in China. In addition to low tuition costs. The cost of living is also low. Housing and food is affordable to all, both locals and foreigners.

Before arriving in China, create a budget for your tuition and daily expenses. Visit the website of the university you are to attend. You will find information on the tuition costs, accommodation cost and other expenses you may incur. Do not forget to add miscellaneous expenses such as snacks and entertainment.

2. Chinese Universities are Rising Up the League Tables

Chinese universities are rising at a very fast rate and the quality of education offered currently is becoming world class. There are various things contributing to the increased quality of education offered. One contributing factor is that some teaching staff in the university have received MBBS training from world class universities in the U.S and Europe. Afterwards, they came to teach in China.

Another factor contributing to the high quality of education is collaboration between universities in various countries in research. It brings professors from different universities together to share their findings on their research. The exchange student program offered by some Chinese universities is also a contributing factor.

If you study MBBS in China you will be able to do your medical license exam in most countries without need for further studies. You will also be able to start working directly in hospitals either in China or other countries such as Australia and U.S among others. Some good MBBS programs in China include Shantou University Medical College, Fudan University and Capital Medical among others.

3. You Will Learn Traditional Chinese Medicine

As part of the MBBS program in English, you will learn traditional Chinese medicine. This is part of learning about Chinese culture which is also included in the MBBS program. Traditional Chinese Medicine is practised in other parts of the world hence you will be more versatile in your treatment methods.

4. You Can Get a Scholarship

International students who enrol for the MBBS program in China can get scholarships for the program. The scholarships available depend on the learning institution and the city you are in. Some of the available scholarships for international students include:

• Chinese Local Government Scholarship
• Chinese Government Scholarship
• Enterprise Scholarship
• University Scholarship

5. You Must Learn Chinese

While starting the program, it is not a requirement to know Chinese. However, as you progress with the MBBS program, you will need to learn the language. This is necessary so that you can be able to converse with patients if you choose to do your internship in China.

In some universities, the program is taught in Chinese in the final years of the MBBS program. In most cases, you will be required to pass HSK level 3 or 5 before you graduate.

6. There are Many Internship Opportunities

Once you complete your MBBS program, you can choose to intern in China or another country. If you choose to intern in China, you will have a variety of facilities to do your internship in. Most universities have hospitals affiliated with it. The university helps to place students in hospitals where they can practise their clinical skills.

Internship is done under the supervision of doctors. The medical equipment found in most of the hospitals are advanced.

7. China is Awesome

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Studies aside, China has very beautiful cities. The coastal city of Hangzhou is a tourist attraction for many people. You can explore ancient buildings, experiment with their traditional foods and get to know the locals.
Alisha Musthafa, a student who was studying MBBS in the North China University of Science and Technology said, “You just need to know some basic Chinese to survive here and you will find some really interesting people who will take you out to dinner now and then. They are really really helpful and they love foreigners. You can travel around china and it’s really BEAUTIFUL and rich in culture.”

Not only will you meet the friendly Chinese locals but you will also interact and make friends with people from all over the world. The same student above also said, “Before coming to china I never imagined I would have Pakistani friends or African or Canadian or from Norway or Korean but now I do and I love it.”

8. Adjusting May Not Be Easy

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As much as going to China for studies will be a fun experience for you, the truth is that making adjustments may be hard at first. Depending on which par of the world you come from, it may be hard to adjust to the types of food available, the language and culture. However, with time and with a positive attitude, you will adjust and come to love the place.

To make it easier to adjust, you can try out Chinese food in your country, read about their culture and experiences of other foreigners who moved to China

Studying in China is something worthwhile that will give you exposure and good experiences. Do not waste your opportunity to go if you can. If you need advice or more information on MBBS programs in China, we will be glad to help you. Kindly register your interest below and we will get back to you.

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