5 Ways Fudan MBA Can Future Proof Your Career In Uncertain Times

As we enter the global digital age, there are huge global trends such as automation, digitisation, and the rise of China’s economy. COVID-19 has further accelerated change and disruption to an unprecedented level, but this has also brought lots of new opportunities.

The International MBA (IMBA) at Fudan University is a top ranked MBA in China and might be a great investment to future proof your career during uncertain times, to enable you to take a break from the job market, to retool and upgrade and prepare for the opportunities to come.

Offered jointly by two top-ranked business schools (Fudan University School of Management and MIT Sloan School of Management), you will gain full support from two universities and two influential alumni networks who can connect you with the right business people and companies.

Beyond this, here are more ways Fudan MBA can help your career withstand uncertainties.

Fudan MBA Ranks 32nd In FT Global MBA 2021

Fudan MBA recently ranked 32nd in the Financial Times’ Global MBA Ranking for 2021, 6th in the Asia Pacific Region and No.1 among the Business Schools in Chinese Mainland Universities. More importantly, it was awarded the top rankings for several key criteria:

  • Taking the 1st place globally in terms of Salary Percentage Increase
  • For 3 criteria – International Faculty, International Course Experience and FT Research, the program was considered the best among business schools in Chinese mainland.
  • The criteria of Careers Service ranked No.21 worldwide, up by 21 positions.

5 Ways Fudan MBA Can Future Proof Your Career

1. Job placement assistance in top companies

The Career Development Office (CDO) at Fudan University is the first dedicated career development services for MBA students in China. CDO also provides recruiting services to top employers and companies. You can see Fudan’s full list of partner companies here.

According to the Financial Times World University Rankings in 2020, Fudan MBA graduates were able to increase their earning by 203% after three years from graduation.

2. Connection to an extensive and influential network

Upon graduation from Fudan MBA, you will join a closely knitted network of more than 48,000 FDSM alumni worldwide with alumni representative offices across the world.

Together with CDO, the alumni center maintains an online database of job opportunities that any alumni can apply to. Successful FDSM alumni often return to Fudan to interview potential talents and over 50 activities are organized yearly for networking.

Fudan Alumni Association of USA holds a free career seminar in New York City.

3. Practical business skills

The Integrated Action Learning Projects (iLab) is a 3-credit course unique to the Fudan MBA curriculum. Together with your group, you will work with senior management of successful companies, participate in business activities and find solutions to problems that the company wants to fix. 

You can work with international iLab from Wharton, Australia, Portugal and more. You can also  work with local or multinational companies based in Shanghai. Some of Fudan’s partner companies include LG, Huawei, Bosch, Intel, Michelin, McDonald’s and more.

Fudan MBA students participate in a discussion with Raise 3D Technologies, a printing solutions company that has participated in the iLab for two consecutive years. 

4. Fudan University identity

Graduating from a prestigious university like Fudan increases your employability rate. In an employment report by Fudan in 2019, 93.5% of graduates receive atleast 2 job offers and accepted the employment offer within 3 months after graduation. 26.8% of students received a job offer from internship retention.


Fudan MBA tops the chart in various fields of the ranking: top globally for graduate salary percentage increase and first in China for value for money, career progress, and its careers service.

5. Strategic location in Shanghai, China

Fudan University is located in Shanghai, the financial center of China. From China’s Fortune 500 list, 73 companies are headquartered in Shanghai. Most of these companies offer paid internship. Your experience in these top companies will also leave a mark in your resume, impressing employers.

Fudan University Campus in Shanghai, China. 

Fudan-MIT Sloan International MBA Ranking

The Fudan-MIT International MBA (iMBA) was launched in 1996 through a collaboration between the Fudan University School of Management (FDSM) and the MIT Sloan School of Management. The MBA program is taught in English and is offered full-time and part-time. Fudan MBA rankings in 2020 are as follows: 

  • 33rd in the Financial Times world university rankings
  • 34th in the QS world rankings
  • 6th in the Asia-Pacific
  • 1st among business schools in mainland China

The IMBA is one of the flagship programs of FDSM. It got an “A+” rating in China’s first nationwide Professional Degree Assessment In 2018. The English-medium, two-year program is offered full-time and part-time. 

Fudan- MIT IMBA students who complete all required courses and a thesis will be awarded an MBA degree from Fudan University and a course certificate from the MIT Sloan School of Management. 

Learn More about the Fudan IMBA Program

Admissions for the Fudan MBA is currently ongoing. Learn more about the IMBA program and their new scholarship.  

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