Advantages of studying Chinese at private schools in China

People often don’t know that they can study Chinese at private schools in China, or they underestimate the teaching level in private schools and choose only big and famous Universities.

They have their own reasons, that’s true. Sometimes, people want to study Chinese first and then study a degree program at the same University, thinking that it’s going to be easier this way. Some people might think that there are more opportunities to meet people in Universities, as they are bigger. Some people, as I’ve mentioned before, just don’t know that there are other choices, except for chinese

But there are other choices, such as Hutong School, That’s Mandarin, Mandarin House. We’ve already described That’s Mandarin, so we’ll talk about other two schools that we work with.

Why choosing a school not a University might be better for some people? First of all, as these schools don’t offer lots of different programs, they can be considered more concentrated on their teaching skills. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Universities don’t develop their teacher’s skill, but as the schools are Chinese language oriented, it’s pretty obvious that they are going to be trying to get better and better at teaching Chinese.

Second of all, schools are usually smaller that Universities. For some people it might not be enough, but for others it’s an advantage, as it’s easier to apply for them, and sometimes they are more flexible with schedule and deadlines.

Hutong school, for example, also organize 3 to 4 cultural and business related activities every week. You can learn more about China and its culture through their lectures, cultural activities, excursions and charity chinese at hutong school

They have Chinese Cultural Immersion, Chinese Cooking Lessons, Tai Chi, Chinese Movie Nights etc. You can read more about the events here.

Founded in 2005, Hutong School is the leading foreign owned Chinese language school in China. With locations in Beijing & Shanghai, Hutong School is the school of choice for anyone who wants to do an internship in China or learn Chinese in China.

Hutong school has three locations overall: Beijing, Shanghai and Internship Program in Chengdu, you can choose which city you like and study there. And you can read more about their Internship program here. More information on other programs is here.

If you find it interesting and would like to apply, please contact us at or click here.

Established in 2004 and one of the first private Mandarin Schools in China, Mandarin House have helped over 20,000 foreign students from 80+ nationalities to speak Mandarin.private school mandarin house logo

Mandarin House was the first private Chinese school in China to:

  • Develop its own structured, holistic curriculum based on the fundamental principle of providing real-life Chinese communication training.
  • Offer junior courses including China’s first summer camps and self-developed junior curriculum also focused on real-life Chinese.
  • Introduce the widely accepted operation model for group class programs seen in private schools across China today.
  • Be internationally quality accredited by IALC
  • Be shortlisted and also the first to win LTM’s World Language Provider of the Year.
  • Host a major international language abroad conference.

There are six cities in China which has Mandarin house: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen. The school has courses for adults and also for juniors. You can read more about each program here, find more information about accommodation provided by the school here.

If you want to apply, please contact us at or contact by clicking here.

And don’t worry, the schools help with visa procedure, if you sign up to the 6 month program!

Shynar from Kazakhstan, studied at Beijing Language and Culture University.
Shynar Shinibekova

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