Introduction to Hutong School

Founded in 2005, Hutong School is the leading foreign owned Chinese language school in China. With locations in Beijing & Shanghai, Hutong School is the school of choice for anyone who wants to do an internship in China or learn Chinese in China.

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About Hutong School

Hutong School gathers people with a real interest in China. Although the Middle Kingdom is quickly changing into a critical hub of the modern world, traces of its ancient history still remain. Hutong School’s first branch was founded in Beijing in 2005. Beijing’s landscape is a typical illustration of the continuous interaction between the swell of the past and the waves of modernity. Skyscrapers made of glass border the traditional neighborhoods of those narrow lanes called “Hutong” (胡同). These “Hutong” are the source of traditional Chinese living.

Hutong School’s unique Chinese teaching method which separates spoken Chinese and character recognition, has been proven to expedite Mandarin Chinese language learning. While progressing quicker in spoken Chinese, students also lay better foundations for character memorisation by understanding the logic of Chinese characters’ construction.

Hutong School Locations


Hutong School Locations BJ In 2005 Hutong School started out in a traditional courtyard in one of Beijing’s most authentic historic areas. To better cater towards the many expatriats who work and live in Beijing as well as for students, Hutong School Beijing is nowadays located in the heart of the central business district in Beijing.




Hutong School Shanghai The bund

Our Shanghai Branch features the best of both worlds; an authentic traditional location close to the hustle and bustle of a business district. Hutong School Shanghai is located in the Former French Concession, one of Shanghai’s most charming areas, close to the border of Jing’an, one of the major business districts.



Internship Program in Chengdu

Hutong School Chengdu

Besides famously known as the home of China’s national icon, the giant panda, Chengdu is becoming more and more politically and economically influential. Our Internship Program in Chengdu will offer you the opportunity to gain professional experience in this up and coming city.


Cultural Activities in China

Every week we organize 3 to 4 cultural and business related activities, just for you! Learn more about China and its culture through our lectures, cultural activities, excursions and charity activities.

Chinese Cultural Immersion

To enrich your China experience, we organize frequent cultural activities. It improves your knowledge of Chinese culture, enhances the community spirit and helps you making new friends in China.

Chinese Cooking Lessons
Learn how to create different types of classic Chinese dishes. Being such a large country, China’s different regions all have their own specialties. China’s cuisine is a varied landscape bursting with flavor.

Tai Chi
Tai chi isn’t just a way for people to keep healthy, it is China’s oldest form of kungfu and can actually be used for self defense. These lessons show how Tai Chi and Chinese medicine are related.

Chinese Movie Nights
Once a month we organize a Chinese movie night to introduce masterpieces of Chinese cinema to our students. One of our teachers will also give a short introduction to improve students’ understanding of the movie.

Traditional Chinese Board Games
Since ancient times, there have been three main board games in China: weiqi, xiangqi, and mahjong. You’ll master them in no time.

Chinese Traditional Handicrafts
Learn various traditional Chinese handicrafts, such as paper cutting, kitemaking, miniature sculpture painting, Chinese knotting, or sculpting. Handicrafts such as these are steeped in Chinese peoples’ culture and history and make wonderful, unforgettable gifts.

Chinese Entertainment
Depending on the season, Hutong School organizes various activites that are just for fun. Students can experience various forms of modern Chinese entertainment in order to better understand Chinese life or culture, have fun, and also to give students a chance to meet each other outside of the classroom. Examples are: trips to Chinese hot-springs, skiing, or laser-tag, among other things.

Business Lectures on China

Hutong School regularly invites businessmen, journalists, diplomats and scholars to talk about their experiences concerning various China related topics.

Excursions around China

Regularly Hutong School takes you on a trip outside the city in order to let you discover more of what China has to offer. Furthermore, we are always willing to assist you with planning trips to other cities in China.

List of Programs for International Students

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