BiMBA at Peking University Turned Out to be the Best Choice I Made – Here’s Why…

Name: Beleza Chan
Pre-MBA Role: Program director, Daquiprafora
Current Role: Cofounder and COO, Chatterize

As the program director for college placement agency, Daquiprafora, in her native Brazil, Beleza Chan was craving the management skills to enhance her career. China emerged as the prevalent choice. Both her parents are Chinese, but having lived in Brazil most of her life, Beleza didn’t understand much about Chinese culture.

“BiMBA turned out to be the best choice in terms of diversity of perspectives, cost and duration,” she explains—the school is also run out of the National School of Development at Peking University, a leading university think tank in China.

“There is no doubt that I would not have been able to achieve my success in China without BiMBA. I had not lived in China before my MBA, had no network, had no cultural understanding of how to do business in China,” Beleza explains.

“Through classes and interactions with Chinese and foreign classmates, I came to understand more how to thrive in a Chinese working environment. When I started looking for jobs, I was referred to founders, connected with other alumni, and eventually landed a job.”

After roles as head of teacher acquisition for VIPKid—an edtech English language learning platform—and a business development consultant for an app consultancy, Beleza cofounded her own company, Chatterize. The company builds conversational chatbots that help young Chinese children speak English with confidence.

“I would not have landed a job without the BiMBA network,” she says. “And without that job, I would not have met my current business partner. It would be a terrifying experience to become an entrepreneur without the exposure that BiMBA gave me to China, and the endurance of working for several years for a Chinese startup.”

About BiMBA of the National School of Development

Peking University logoBiMBA Business School of the National School of Development at Peking University (previously Beijing International MBA Program at Peking University), was established in 1998 and is situated in Peking University’s beautiful former royal garden, Langrun Garden.

As the leading university think-tank in China, the National School of Development provides BiMBA students with a platform to understand micro- issues from a macro- standpoint and truly grasp the ‘big picture’ in management. It is for this reason that BiMBA is known in the business world as the ‘Business School within a think-tank’.

The business school has produced thousands of innovation-oriented business graduates that have contributed to China’s transformation into a global economic power. In fact, PKU-BiMBA programs are overtaking some of the traditional Western MBA programs.

PKU BiMBA’s outstanding rankings include:

  • Forbes, 2015 Best Business Schools in China Ranking: No. 1 in the Most Valuable Full-time MBA, No. 1 Highest on Salary Part-time MBA, No. 1 Highest Satisfaction on Executive MBA (EMBA)
  • Fortune: No. 1 in the Most Valuable MBA in China
  • Business Week: MBA with a Heart
  • QS Global, 2017: No. 1 in China – Best 250 Business Schools Report

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