study China Studies in China 2022

The Ultimate Guide to China Studies for International Students

China Studies is quickly becoming a popular course for international students to study in China. What is it, and what are the top universities? Read our guide here to learn more about this unique major.

What is the China Studies major?

China Studies is a branch of Area Studies-learning specifically about a certain country or region, including its history, culture, economy, and politics. In the China Studies major, you will obtain a broad overview and understanding of China from ancient to modern times. You will also be able to deeply explore a certain element of China that interests you. You might choose to concentrate on modern e-commerce habits, Tang or Song dynasty history, the Belt and Road Initiative, or something else.

There are many China Studies programs outside of China. But to truly understand the country, experience living and studying there is essential. A program in China will enable you to make connections between your coursework and daily life, interact and learn from Chinese peers, and experience the dynamism and excitement of China first-hand.

In the end, you will graduate from a China Studies program with a comprehensive understanding of all sides of Chinese society and life. You will be well-prepared for a career involving China.

What jobs can you get with China Studies?

There are plenty of jobs available for China Studies graduates, including:

  • Think tank or policy work (diplomacy, policy research)
  • Academia (professor, researcher)
  • Media (writer, editor, marketing)
  • Business in China
  • International business
  • …and countless more fields!

I actually graduated with two degrees in China Studies (one at NYU Shanghai, and one at Peking University’s Yenching Academy). Over the course of my studies, I worked for several news organizations, marketing firms, and now for China Admissions. A deep understanding of China, paired with solid work experience and ambition, can open many doors for your career.

Bachelor’s in China Studies: Best programs

Master’s in China Studies: Best programs

Students at the yenching academy - study china studies in China

PhD in China Studies: Best programs

Cheapest China Studies Programs in China

There are a few China Studies programs that offer 100% scholarship, or have low tuition costs overall!

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