FAQ: Why Apply Early for 2024 Intake?

Are you ready to apply for your dream 2024 program?

As Chinese universities start their fall semesters, they’re also beginning to prepare for the 2024 Intake season

You might think it’s too early in the year to begin your application, but at China Admissions we recommend that you apply as early as possible for your dream programs. 

Why? This is a frequently asked question from students, so let’s take a look at why it’s in your best interests to begin preparing early for 2024 intake. 

NOTE: Please apply at least 20 days before the application deadline. It takes an average of 10 days for students to finish their documents and we do not accept last minute applications.

Don’t get left behind

Many Chinese universities will not begin accepting 2024 intake applications until either the fall (November/December) or the spring (February/March) after the Spring Festival holiday. China Admissions can only send your completed application to the universities once their system opens. 

Since university application systems open at different times of the year, it’s important to check the due dates for your top programs now while you still have plenty of time. Don’t get left behind and miss important deadlines based on an assumption. Know whether your application is due in the fall, spring, or another time of the year. 

Benefits for earlier applicants

Applications are usually on a rolling basis: first-come, first-serve. This means that the very first batch of applicants have an edge over others and they’re considered first. Completing your application so it can be submitted as soon as the system opens is a point in your favor. 

Early applicants might also get financial assistance: some universities like Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University offer discounts for early applicants. 

Time to finish your documents

Chinese universities require many forms and documents that you may never have completed before. In general, these are the documents that you should prepare based on your degree level: 

A graphic showing required documents for different levels of degree programs.


Some other documents commonly required for students are:

  • A non-criminal record,
  • A bank statement,
  • A foreigner’s physical examination form (health check)

Depending on your country and the nature of COVID-19 restrictions in your area, some of these forms may take a long time to get. Know the documents you need and figure out how to complete the forms as early as possible. Getting a non-criminal record, health check, renewing an old passport, and contacting professors to write letters of recommendation all require plenty of time and preparation! The accuracy of your documents is important and shouldn’t be rushed. Failure to submit all documents by the deadline may result in rejection from the university.

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Preparing your application as early as possible will give you the best possible advantage to get into your dream program. Don’t wait: check out all available programs on China Admissions here!


Don’t know where to start? Watch China Admissions explain how to apply through our platform in under 15 minutes right here:

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