What I Learned After 8 Years Of Living In China – UIBE PhD Student 🇲🇳

Dulguun Khurelsukh is from Mongolia, but she considers China her second home. She has spent most of her international student life in China studying at UIBE.

Dulguun completed her bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Economics at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing with a GPA 3.99 out of 4.0 (top 1 graduate with honors). Check out UIBE programs here.

She repeated the same feat at UIBE for her MBA still top 1 in her class under full CSC Scholarship. Dulguun also went on to study Master’s in Management at KEDGE Business School in France and is now taking her PhD in Finance and Economics at UIBE.

When asked why she chose China, Dulguun shares, “It’s my 8th year living in China. I came here in 2012, and my overall experience has been fantastic. I really love China, the Chinese culture, lifestyle and the many opportunities. This is why I’m still here. I can go to other Western countries but I choose to stay in China because I see something different. It’s an excellent place for young professionals like me.”

Dulguun shows no stopping anytime soon. She also intends to stay in China and carve a successful path in the country. A multi-faceted professional with strong work ethic, we’re sure Dulguun is going to achieve bigger things in China.

Be inspired by Dulguun’s inspiring experiences in China in her interview with Nadia!

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