Introduction to University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) is China’s leading university in Economics, Finances and International business. UIBE offers a large number of high quality Bachelors, Masters and PhD in English for international students and Chinese language programs. There are 13,000 Chinese students and 3,000 international students. UIBE’s has three main advantages:

1) UIBE is the leading University in the areas of Economics, Finance and International Business in China
2) UIBE is located in a good location of Beijing which is close to downtown Beijing, close to companies, and San Li Tun, close to international restaurants and bars.
3) UIBE places a large focus on helping students to find internships and jobs.

About UIBE

UIBE is situated in the north east of Beijing. Founded in 1951, UIBE was chosen as part of the Project 211, which is a program to help develop the top Chinese Universities to become leading international Universities. UIBE is one of the most important Universities for training and research on Chinese economic development.

UIBE offers almost 40 majors to overseas students at bachelors, masters and PhD level in the fields of economics, management, liberal arts, law, science, and international trade, law, finance, business management, and foreign languages.

The professors at UIBE are high quality and most have overseas experience. There are a total of 13,000 students and more than 3000 international students. UIBE graduates are mainly employed in banks and multinational corporations .

Life on Campus

To enrich the life of international students, the School of International Education holds lectures on Chinese Calligraphy, Opera and Drama, Martial arts and other topics each semester. It also organises visits to the Great Wall in the first month of the new semester and other trips. During the spring, autumn, summer and winter holidays there will also be trips to other parts of China. The University also has a football field, basketball, tennis court and sports equipment that the students can use.

University of International Business and Economics Sports

The International Student Union represents the International Students at UIBE and also organises a number of activities and will help students to feel at home and address any concerns as they can be the offer help and can facilitate communication between students and the university.

There are many banks close to UIBE where students can open an account. There is a Post Office close to the campus west gate.

UIBE has dining halls that serve Chinese cafeteria food. The food costs about 3-5 USD per day. Students should purchase an E-card at the catering office on the second floor of the Jingmao Cafeteria between 1-2pm from Monday to Friday. Huiyuan restaurant and the restaurant on the third floor of the Jingmao Cafeteria are approximately 5-10 USD per meal, and should be paid by cash. There are also a number of other restaurants around the Univeresity.

There are many small shops around UIBE and several supermarkets there are several shopping centers in Beijing. The closest ones are Bei Chen at the Asian Games Village and Ito Yokada to the north of campus. There is also the Friendship Store at the Lufthansa Center southeast of campus.

Campus Map

University of International Business and Economics Map

Internships and Career Opportunities

UIBE places great importance on helping students to find work experience and career opportunities. UIBE was the first University in China to establish an advisory service for international students to help students to get a job and there are a number of opportunities for students to take internships while they are studying and to find a job afterwards. The location of UIBE is close to the CBD of Beijing and the international companies and job opportunities there. There are also some companies that have moved their location to be close to UIBE campus and the students. This is a unique advantage of UIBE compared to other Universities.


Students can stay on-campus in dormitories or off campus in private accommodation, students need to apply early for on-campus accommodation. For private accommodation students can search on There are also some recommended hotels.

List of Programs for International Students

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