Top 5 Places to Study Chinese: Your Path to Language Fluency

Studying Chinese outside of mainland China can give rise to unique opportunities and insights into Chinese language and culture. In countries like Malaysia and Singapore, a long history of Chinese communities overseas has given rise to a vibrant blend of Chinese and Southeast Asian culture. Many Chinese communities overseas continue to speak their traditional languages such as Hokkien or Cantonese, in addition to Mandarin, which means that you may actually have increased chances to learn non-Mandarin Chinese languages if you choose to study in such destinations.

Outside of Asia, the global Chinese diaspora and Chinese-speaking community has also diligently created opportunities for students to explore Chinese language, even as far away as the US!

Here are our top picks for places to study Chinese!

1. Mainland China

When it comes to learning Chinese, there’s no better place than mainland China itself. By immersing yourself in the culture and daily life, you’ll have plenty of opportunities and resources to practice the language. Mainland China is home to many universities and language schools that cater to international students interested in learning Chinese.

Here are some great choices to study Chinese in China:

A class at Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College

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2. Singapore

Known for its multicultural and diverse environment, Singapore offers a fantastic setting for learning Chinese. With a significant population of Chinese speakers, the language holds prominence in the country. You’ll find a wealth of resources and opportunities to engage with the language and its speakers in Singapore.

Here are some excellent options to study Chinese in Singapore:

3. Malaysia

Another country with a sizable Chinese population, Malaysia presents an ideal location for learning Chinese. In addition to the widespread use of Chinese among Malaysians, the country is home to multicultural and diverse communities that add to the experience of learning a language. As a bonus, Malaysia offers a lower cost of living, making it an attractive choice for many students.

Here are some excellent options to study Chinese in Malaysia:

4. Taiwan

If you’re seeking a traditional environment to learn Chinese, Taiwan is an excellent place to immerse yourself in. With Mandarin being the mother tongue, you’ll find that everyone speaks the language. The Mandarin spoken in Taiwan is considered the standard form, providing a solid foundation for your language skills.

Start with these options to consider studying Chinese in Taiwan:

The Non-degree in Regular Mandarin Program at National Chengchi University is a 12 weeks long program for international students

5. Online

If studying abroad is not an option for you, don’t worry! You can still learn Chinese from the comfort of your own home. Online classes and resources provide an effective means to pick up the language and improve your language skills. Whether it’s through virtual classes or self-study materials, online learning allows flexibility and convenience.

Here are some excellent choices for online Chinese programs:

Browse the China Admissions platform to find and apply to Chinese language programs both in China and online. You can also sign up with our partner platform, Global Admissions, to apply to programs offered in other countries. You’ll find more information about each location, available programs, and the application process to help you take the first step towards mastering the Chinese language.

Remember, learning Chinese opens up a world of opportunities and cultural understanding. Embrace the journey and start your path to language fluency today!


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