5 Unique Reasons Why Learning Chinese is Worth Your Sweat!

Is learning Chinese worth it? Some days, after you’ve been struggling to remember a difficult character or decipher a boggling grammar pattern, you might think it’s not worth the trouble. However, Chinese is an incredibly worthwhile language to learn. Once you power through the initial difficulties of adapting to a new language, there are myriad benefits awaiting you.

The world of Chinese is a fascinating one. It’s worth every textbook, notebook, and grammar tutorial–promise!

Besides being spoken by a fifth of the world’s population and a powerful language in business, there are five unique reasons to learn Chinese.

5 Reasons Learning Chinese is a Smart Move!

Chinese is the world’s biggest language, speaking it gives you economic and business advantage. Here are other important reasons to learn the language.

1. Gives your CV a power boost

Finding it hard to land a job? Your CV might be missing something. Placing Chinese in that piece of document can make a world of difference.

Even if there are employers who don’t require you to be proficient in a foreign language, it will prove that you’re a committed learner with immense intellectual capacity. For the vast majority of companies, you will become an invaluable team player, especially for those who have projects or partnerships in China.

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is learning Chinese worth it
Fun facts about the Chinese language.

2. Chinese is actually simpler than you think

While learning Chinese comes with a lot of hard work, it’s actually easy to pick up once you get started. You can speak basic Chinese after a few weeks of attending classes or tutorials.

Like any language, Chinese has its own unique set of grammar rules, but it’s relatively simple compared to English. We call Chinese, the “minimalist language” because of its strikingly simple use. For instance, there are no tenses, conjugations, no differences between nouns and pronounce and no plural forms.
Common greetings in Chinese.

3. Helps you travel with ease

Do you love travelling? Great! Chinese is not only a native language of China. You can visit Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and more without difficulty if you speak the language. Many people in Western countries also speak Chinese.

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4. Learning Chinese makes you smart

Learning Chinese makes you smarter according to science. Researchers found that learning Chinese exercises your brain more than any other language. Mastering the tones and characters in Chinese requires many parts of the brain to function, thus eating up more brainpower.

As a bonus, writing in Chinese also improves your motor skills and visual recognition.

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best apps to learn traditional chinese mandarin chinese characters

5. Truly connects you with Chinese culture

China has a rich and vibrant culture. To truly enjoy and immerse yourself, learning Chinese is the key. Once you understand all the twists and turns of the language, you can appreciate Chinese opera, poetry, novels and literature more.

You don’t have to need pictures in Chinese-only menus to get your hands on the best Chinese food.

Many potential learners get scared when they see Chinese characters. But writing (hànzì) only follows once you learn how to speak Chinese. From there, you can move up the learning curve fast.

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Study Chinese With Us!

At China Admissions, we all love to learn Chinese whether online, with a tutor, or at a university. We have prepared plenty of tips to help you succeed on your journey!

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