How Long Does It Take To Learn Chinese?

“How many years does it take to learn Chinese?” This is one of the most common questions

“Is it hard to learn Chinese?”

According to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) scale, it will take you 88 Weeks (2,200 hours of active learning) to reach native/bilingual Chinese proficiency. Chinese is one of the 5 languages which is challenging to learn for native English speakers.

But the good news is, you don’t have to achieve native/bilingual proficiency to speak conversational Chinese. Let’s see the different

Sounds familiar?

People who have an experience of learning Chinese know it’s not hard, it’s just challenging. It just makes you study more and work harder.

So how long does it take to learn Chinese?

Well, the answer is different for different people, obviously.

Do you know the Chinese proficiency test HSK? New HSK has only 6 levels.

hsklevelsUsually students who don’t put too much pressure on themselves after one year of studying Chinese get HSK 4th level certificate. For HSK 5th level a student will have to work harder: go to classes everyday and after that spend 4-5 hours studying Chinese by him/herself, learning new words, listening to conversations of the textbook etc.

It usually takes students one year and a half to HSK 6th level, because the gap between 5th and 6th levels is pretty big.

But HSK 5th level is enough to study bachelor’s and master’s in Chinese in any Chinese University.

So the answer to the most important question that worries every person who wants to study Chinese is: “Yes, you can start from 0 level and get to Mastery in 1 year with 12 hours each week. Or if you can’t focus only on studying Chinese it will take you three years with only 4 hours each week.”

How much?

That’s another question that comes to mind of those who chose to study Chinese. And the answer is also depends.

There are universities which have cheaper Chinese language programs and the tuitions fees start from 7,000RMB.

There are Universities which tuition fees of Chinese language program is the same with a degree program’s tuition fees and cost around 23,200.

And of course there are online programs. For example, BLCU 1 on 1 online Chinese programBLCU-Learn-Chinese-Online

30 Classes. Total = 3,900 RMB
60 Classes. Total = 7,410 RMB
90 Classes. Total = 10,530 RMB
120 Classes. Total = 13,260 RMB
150 Classes. Total = 15,600 RMB. Each period is 50 minutes.

If you are a beginner, and want to get to HSK Level 5, you would need 370 total online class hours, the total cost would be 38,480 RMB.

Some people don’t consider online programs, because they don’t trust them or don’t see a point. But let me ask you some questions. If you choose an University and go study there, will you…

Will you be able to study Chinese without having to leave your country and come to China, pay for rent and other daily expenses? No.

Will you be able to choose the time when you want to study Chinese? No, because almost all of Chinese Universities have classes in the morning, some do have classes in the evening, but it’s rare and the schedule is fixed.

Will you be able to get teacher’s attention all to yourself? No, there’ll be at least 15 more students.

So let me summarize what you’ll be paying for if you choose to learn Chinese online:

  • You’ll learn Chinese more quickly. With a personal teacher you can have focused learning by yourself and improve your Chinese level more quickly.
  • Schedule is flexible. The classes can be taken at any time that suits you. This lets you take classes in the morning, afternoon, evening, or on holiday.
  • Study wherever in the world that suits you. On the beach, in a taxi, in your office, or in your bed. You just need to log on to skype on your phone, tablet, computer and start learning.
  • It saves a lot of time. There is no need to travel to a school, which gives you more time, so you can spend more of that time learning Chinese.
  • Skype1Classes are personalised. Every student who is learning Chinese is different, with a personal teacher all the classes will be tailored to your specific situation which will let you reach your personal learning goals.
  • You won’t have to look for a native Chinese speaker to teach you in your country. As long as you have internet, the teacher will always be there, so easy to reach.

So if you’d like to apply for the amazing opportunity to study Chinese without even having to leave your house, you can contact us here to set up a free trial class and evaluation: or send an email to, saying that you are interested in applying for BLCU 1 on 1 online Chinese program.


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