Top 3 Reasons To Study Robotics Engineering At ZUST!

We live in an era of rapid technological innovation, and it’s changing the way we live and work so fast. As robotics and automation continue to grow, all industries will open new opportunities and disruptions.

This is the best time to study Bachelor of Robotics Engineering at ZUST (Zhejiang University of Science and Technology)! Check out the complete admissions information here.

3 Reasons To Study Robotics Engineering At ZUST

1) Globally-competitive curriculum

ZUST’s Robotics Engineering curriculum will prepare you to practice your skills in computer-aided engineering to a wide range of sectors. Here’s a look at the program’s main courses:

– Foundation: Programming, Digital Circuits, Circuit Theory, Control Theory

– Practical: Robotics Sensing Technology, Embedded Systems, Motion control

– Research-focused: Image Processing and Computer Vision, Robotics Mechanical Foundation and Mechanism, Machine Learning

2) Strong academic team

The Department of Robotics Engineering at ZUST has over twenty academic staff with rich industry and research experience. Almost all have PhDs from world-renowned universities, and over 80% have long-term overseas teaching or working experience in English.

Robotics Engineering At ZUST

3) Wide career prospects

After four years of study in Robotics Engineering, the graduates can start a career in the industry, qualified as system engineers, hardware engineers, algorithm engineers or project managers, who can go to the robotics, electronics, artificial intelligence, information technology companies such as HUAWEIPanasonicSIEMENSRockwell, Alibaba, Supcon, Media, GREE etc.

Robotics Engineering At ZUST

There’s more…

Ever robotics engineering student at ZUST gets individualized attention to help them succeed in life! The university assigns you a mentor who will supervise you with course selection, hands-on projects, and resources.

Your mentor will also guide you on choosing a career path, arrange on-campus part-time positions and industry internship opportunities.

Admissions Information 

A. Application Deadline for 2024 Intake

The application deadline for Bachelor of Robotics Engineering at ZUST (as well as all English-taught bachelor’s programs) is on June 30, 2024.

B. Eligibility Requirements

  • 18-30 years old for bachelor programs
  • Non-Chinese citizen
  • High School graduation certificate for bachelor programs
  • Good Health

Read more here.

C. Application Documents

  • Soft copy of passport
  • Soft copy of high school graduation certificate
  • English Language proficiency certificate
  • Highest academic transcript

D. Tuition Fee And Scholarships

The tuition fee for the robotics engineering program is 18,000 RMB every year. Here are available scholarships that you can apply to:

1. Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship – covers 20,000RMB for bachelor’s students

2. ZUST Outstanding New Student Scholarship – covers 30% – 100% of the first year’s tuition fee

Study Robotics Engineering At ZUST Now!

ZUST is now accepting applications for September 2024 intake! Start your application here and increase your chances of getting accepted.

About ZUST

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST) is a multi-disciplinary university with emphasis on engineering, incorporating disciplines in science, arts, economics, management, and education. Combining the technical know-how of German Applied Science Universities with its own experience, ZUST explores ways of cultivating international specialists with applied skills. Learn more about the university here.

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